TOEFL Sample Essay - 1

How would you justify the following statements?

"The progress of a nation largely depends upon its politicians, government and corporate sectors. In other word, if the condition of the common man is to be made better, then the people at the helm of their fields of expertise must work together"

(Provide at least one example)

The newspapers, nowadays, are full of information regarding an impending global crisis. This crisis is economic, but when it comes it will affect the masses as well. It is being said that until now, we were riding on a wave of economic growth, now the slump has arrived! The present economic crisis is due to some wrong decisions on the part of the corporate and public sectors. No country can thrive unless productivity is increased.

Take China for example. A country of the Orient and that too with Communist regime has thrived unlike any other nation. Its government, people and politicians have worked hard to put China on the global map. China is one the foremost exporter of electronic goods, food and agricultural products, like soybeans, cotton, coarse grains etc. When there was a decrease in export in the month of September, 2013 the government and politicians decided to change the pattern of export. China then started providing lucrative travel plans for tourists, reduced royalties and license fees for exporting goods and services to the US. This ensured that the fiscal deficit China was facing now was visibly reduced.

As is evident from discussion above, such decisions were taken by the government and politicians after consulting economists studying this financial problem. The growth of any nation depends on the government and it is the duty of the governing bodies, to understand the requirements of the people. For a country to progress, all of its sectors (public and private) must work together. Poverty is one of the greatest challenges that must be overcome, so that the world as a whole can thrive. In order to do so, immense efforts are required from all sectors of a nation and then alone can this threat be permanently removed.