TOEFL Sample Essay - 2

'Man has not inherited the Earth, but borrowed it from his posterity' - Discuss

The rampant manner in which we use the natural resources of the Earth, displays a lack of concern for our future generations. Excessive use of fossil fuels, willful destruction of forest lands, wastage of water, indiscriminate use of Earth's natural resources all lead to one end - disintegration of life as we know it. However, the question is from where do we gain the right to create such havoc? The Earth which we live in is actually the inheritance of our future generations. To ensure that our posterity survives we should help save the Earth. If we use all the natural resources of the Earth, then what do we leave behind for our children? This question arises, because the natural resources of the Earth are limited.

Research carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that a greater number of children nowadays are suffering from respiratory disorders, lung diseases and heart problems. Most doctors believe that these diseases are caused by pollution. The increased amount of Carbon dioxide, dust particles etc. lead to such diseases. The atmosphere of the Earth that so long nurtured the young has now turned poisonous! The reason behind it is disproportionate use of fossil fuels. We have no right to make our children suffer, because the Earth is their birthright and we have to ensure that they receive it in a condition that will help them thrive.

We should not waste Earth's natural resources. We should become more careful about not wasting water, fuel or any other natural resource, which we take for granted. The Earth is a giant organism and we humans share a symbiotic relationship with her. We must respect that and help maintain the balance of our ecosystem. After all, our future generations have to live on this same planet as we do.