TOEFL Sample Essay - 3

'Easy access to technology is causing more harm than good and this is especially true in the case of youngsters nowadays' - Argue for or against the statement.

With the advance of science and subsequent growth in technology, our lives have become easier. We can easily communicate with friends and relatives across continents, with the help of mobile phones. We can access any kind information with the help of the Internet. Internet and media allows us to gather the latest information regarding economic conditions, political upheavals etc. occurring not only in our own country, but other nations as well.

However, the above-mentioned features discuss only the positive aspect of technology. Technology is a double-edged sword. If used properly it can produce good results, but if misused the consequences can be disastrous. For example, children nowadays have easy access to Internet and television. If parental discretion and control is not exercised, then Internet and television can harm children.

The harm need not always be emotional or mental. Excessive use of Internet can be physically harmful. Doctors nowadays often blame the Internet and television for child obesity, diabetes and other such diseases. Earlier children would go out and play or indulge in other such physical activities, but now they sit for hours in front of the computer or television, turning into the quintessential 'couch potato'.

Children nowadays are so engrossed in talking over mobile phones, even while travelling or crossing roads that it leads to accidents. Technology here becomes a cause of distraction. Parents usually give mobile phones, to keep track of their children, especially in the case of teenagers who travel alone. However, misusing this technology can have dangerous outcomes.

Nevertheless, we must remember that technology, like nuclear energy, was created for the betterment of mankind. It is our duty to ensure that technology is not misused. After all, it depends on us whether we want to use nuclear energy to fuel factories, homes or build an atom bomb!