TOEFL Sample Essay - 5

'For a nation to progress it is essential the women be educated and empowered.' Discuss this statement from the perspective of education of children.

The education of children begins at home. Long before they learn to speak or articulate, they begin to express themselves though gestures or indications. The moment a sense of perception develops in a child, his/her education begins. In a family, children are closest to their mothers and with their innate sense of observation, their learning or education begins, by copying their mothers

In the present day nuclear families, children are reared exclusively, by their parents. If the mother is well-educated, then only will she understand the value of education. Children are the future of a nation and the world as a whole. They should be nurtured with care. In the case of developing nations like India, Sri-Lanka, South-East Asian nations, this is especially true. Children should receive sound education, so that they can in future direct their country towards success. Thus, it is essential that that the mother herself be emancipated and empowered, so that she is able to incorporate similar ideals in her child.

Education does not necessarily mean the learning from books. Education also includes the moral values that we inculcate from our families. Mothers have the duty to ensure that her child develops a healthy value-system. However, in order to do so, she herself must have sufficient education to differentiate between good and bad values. To achieve this end, women in the first place should be well-educated and considered to be at par with men.

A nation can truly progress if the women residing in the country are well-educated and similarly empowered as men. This will not only help in the advancement of society, but also carve a better future. Educating women will indirectly ensure that children also receive good education. In the long run, well-educated children will become deserving citizens of a nation and the world as well.