TOEFL Sample Essay - 7

Is the security of women really at stake in recent times or was it under threat since eons?

Women are considered to be the 'the fairer sex'. However, such adjectives do nothing to protect women from being exploited. History tells us that crimes against women have been committed by kings, nobles and even commoners. The superior strength of men has often made women their prey. The notion of the 'fallen woman' has been immortalized by authors like Thomas Hardy, Nathaniel Hawthorne and many more. Nevertheless, the question remains, why this sudden interest in the security of women? Is it merely a political ploy?

Social thinkers will state that women nowadays are foraying outside the boundaries of their homes. The working class women stay outside their homes late in the night. Sometimes they return home all alone availing public transport. Such women become easy preys to sociopaths and men with criminal intentions. However, statistics show that women are far more insecure at home than outside. In this light, the argument of the social thinkers falls apart! Cases of domestic abuse, husbands assaulting wives, exploitation by male family members etc. are quite common, the only difference being they often go unreported. Thus, it can be concluded that the security of women was always at stake. It is just that the media has suddenly started taking notice of this fact.

Crimes against women often go unreported, due to social pressures. Unless the victim suffers physical disfiguration or is murdered, the media and even the legal system do not provide sufficient importance. However, the primary problem lies in the manner in which women are perceived. Women should be considered to be at par with men. Women should also learn to defend themselves and fight for their rights. Any crime committed against any woman should be reported. Awareness and prompt action alone can put a stop to this despicable primeval behavior towards women.