TOEFL Sample Essay - 9

'Eradication of poverty should be the motto of all nations, whether it is a developed or a developing one. Removing poverty is the most important job of the government of any nation'- Discuss.

No matter how advanced a nation is; there are always certain sections of society that live in abject poverty. Take for example, the United States of America, where there are a large number of people categorized as 'homeless'. Amongst these 'homeless' people many are children, teenagers and senior citizens. The causes behind their 'homeless' situations are many. Some of the reasons are unstable families or hostile home environments, loss of property, natural calamities etc. Sometimes the government is unable to provide them with sufficient monetary support, so that they can rebuild their lives.

In the case of children it is even worse. For developing nations like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc. this situation is a stark reality, which has to be combated every day. Statistics show that for such nations, in spite of living in urban centers, there are people who live below the poverty line. For them survival itself is a challenge!

Then can we truly call such nations to be advanced or progressive? It is the duty of the government to eradicate poverty, so that its citizens can live and prosper. Many industrialized nations boast of modern machineries and weapons, irrespective of the fact that there are people who cannot even manage to eke out a living. Even if the governments cannot remove poverty completely, they should at least strive to eliminate it.

Sometimes advanced nations downplay the importance of the removal of poverty. Any person who is homeless, dispossessed and living on the money doled out by the state is poor. It is thus, the responsibility of the government to identify such individuals and provide them with appropriate training, so that they become independent. Removal of poverty is of vital importance if a nation has to progress and become advanced, in the true sense of the term.