TOEFL Test Registration

Steps of TOEFL Test Registration

Most of the international examinations have elaborate registration processes. The TOEFL is no different! The TOEFL test registration requires certain amount of homework, to be done. This is important to ensure that, theregistration is completed, without a hitch. Hence, to help you understand the registration process of TOEFL, the various steps that you have to follow for it, have been discussed in the following sections of this article.

Version of TOEFL that you have to take

The ETS hold the TOEFL in two formats, viz, iBT and PBT. The iBT or the Internet Based TOEFL is held 30 to 40 times each year. The PBT or the Paper Based TOEFL is held only 6 times per year. Thus, before you proceed any further with  registration, you must know the version of the examination that you have to take.

This is the first step towards preparing for the registration process, for the examination. If you want to know the version of the examination that is held in your country, then click on the following link:

Selecting a Test Date

The second step, of the registration process, is choosing a suitable test date. As mentioned earlier, the iBT version is held for a number of times in a year and hence, selecting a suitable test date will not be very difficult. However, one important thing that you should keep in mind while selecting the date, is the admissions deadlines of the colleges that you want to apply to. Ensure, that the date that you select, provides sufficient time gap for you to take the test and the scores to reach the respective colleges.

For candidates taking the PBT version of the test, the examination dates are few and selective. If you have to take the PBT version, then ensure that you are sufficiently well prepared for the examination. The TOEFL is an expensive examination and hence, you should take the test only when you are sure, that you will be able to ace it. Moreover, the lack of a large number of dates also poses as a problem, if you keep on cancelling your score and retaking the examination. Moreover, if you keep on doing so, then you might even miss the admissions deadlines of the colleges, you want to apply to.

Choose a TOEFL Test Center

Selection of test date is closely followed by the selection of a test center. This is the third step towards preparing for TOEFL registration. The TOEFL test center that you select must be close to your residence. Moreover, all the test centers have a limited number of seats. Hence, you might find that there are no seats in the center of your choice, for the test date that you have selected. In such a scenario, you might have to choose an alternative test center. Hence, it is good idea to select more than one test centers, so that you can take the test, on the day that you have chosen.

Select the Number of Score Cards

When you fill the TOEFL registration form, you will be required to mention the colleges that you want to send your scores to. If you want to send your scores to more than 4 colleges, then you will have to order more score cards. Thus, before you beginregistration, you should select the colleges to which you want to send your scores. However, always remember the fact that your fees will also increase, as you increase the number of score cards.

Choose the Method for Registration

The final step for registration is to pay the required amount of fees and complete the registration process. You can register for the test by any of the following methods:

  • online
  • over phone
  • through mail
  • in person

Select a TOEFL registration process that is most convenient for you. If you require more information on the methods of registration, then click on the following link:
Go through the website thoroughly and check, the pros and cons of each process of registration. The choice of a registration process depends entirely on the individual and your location. Hence, you should choose a suitable method of registration and complete the process at the earliest.