TOEFL - Writing

Simplify TOEFL Writing

At we endeavor to provide you with sufficient practice in writing essays, so that you are able to achieve high scores in the TOEFL Writing section. In this section, you will have to write 2 essays, viz.

  • Independent task: You will have to study the given prompt and develop an essay based on the guidelines provided in the prompt.
  • Integrated task: You will have to read a prompt and then listen to a recording based on the matter being discussed in the prompt. After that, you have to write a composition, taking into account both the reading and listening materials.

Wondering how you are going to become an expert in writing such essays? Well, start solving some practice tests and soon you will become proficient in writing.

Start Solving...

What better way to get acquainted with TOEFL Writing than by solving practice questions? The essay prompts that we provide are wide-ranging and this ensures that you are able to handle any type of topic during the test. Moreover, it will increase your confidence, helping you to take the test efficiently. So let's start solving...