ACT Test Registration

What You Should Know about ACT Registration?

ACT, a college level competitive test is administered by the ACT, Inc, which is head-quartered in the USA. The primary aim of this competitive entrance test is to provide a way for the colleges and universities to select students for their under graduation educational programs. The test takers who take ACT should apply for their desired colleges and universities provided that they clear the cut-off set by that particular institute to which they are applying. This is how the admissions process goes on through the test. We shall now, in this article, discuss about the various important aspects that you will come across in the process of the ACT testing. Processes like the test registration, which involves selection of the test dates, paying the stated fee amounts, choosing a test center etc. will be discussed in this article in order to provide you a more friendly testing experience.

Registration Process:

The process of  registration is probably the most important aspect of the test itself. In order to be through it easily, you should be well-informed of all the services that the ACT, Inc provides for the test takers in order to register for the test. The following are a few important points in this regard:

  • One can either register online or by mail. Under unavoidable circumstances, you may register by telephone, only by paying an extra sum of US $13 to the actual  test fee.
  • Likewise, there are many other paid services that you may choose to avail at the time of your test registration.
  • You should carefully plan everything before registering for the exam.

Dates Pertaining to the  TestHaving firsthand information of the ACT dates is quite important before even thinking of registering for the test. ACT is administered six times a year. Now, based upon the clear-cut date schedule, it is advised that you plan your choice of test date. This is very essential and in fact, helpful too. If you are aware of the  dates before registering for the test, you can select the one that is more convenient to you.Furthermore, based upon the test dates, you can clearly plan your preparation schedule and dedicate time to all your activities and also to your academics. Dates do not just mean test administration dates, but also refer to the score report release dates etc.Test Center InformationACT Test Center information plays quite a role through the whole process of testing. Since the test center is the place in which you attempt your test, it is important that you choose a center that is more convenient for you, in terms of the commuting distance or any other personal reservations.Registration is linked to the test centers because you might not be able to book a slot in a test center if you register late. Hence, you should follow all the necessary rules pertaining to the test on time. For more information about the Test Centers, click here: Registration ProceduresBefore registering for the exam, it is customary that you know everything about the test. Information like how ACT is administered, where it is administered, when it is administered, the test pattern, question types, the information of the colleges and the universities that accept ACT scores for absorbing students etc should be gathered well ahead. You should then choose a convenient test date and then, start the process of registration.Fee DetailsLast but not the least, the information concerning the test fees is also important. You should know about the cost for the testing as well the way in which you are supposed to pay the stated fee. Furthermore, concerning the ACT, there are many other services apart from simple  registration process that the ACT, Inc provides to the test takers. You should know about all such services and the fees set against them.

Steps of ACT Test Registration

One of the vital aspects of the ACT test that you must know is the registration details. The test registration procedures are made easy by the test administrators, ACT, Inc, to help students register for the test in the easiest possible way. In here, we shall discuss these procedures more in detail.When is ACT Administered?Before registering for the examination, it is essential that you know the details about the test administration, dates and centers in order to plan your test according to your convenience. The ACT is administered six times a year and the test dates until the academic years 2014-2015 are out already. You may visit the following links to find the list of all the testing dates in order to plan your test date:, you have plenty of time to plan your test if you are still in your sophomore or eleventh grade. Selecting the appropriate test center is also an important aspect of testing. You can visit the following link in order to find the test centers that administer the test in your locality: can you Register for ACT?This can be done only through two modes. One can either register online or register by mail. Unlike many other competitive examinations, one cannot use other modes of registration like registering by phone etc. From among the available modes of registration, the official administrators of the test encourage students to go online for registering for the test for obvious reasons.Registering for the test online is the fastest means of getting registered. We shall see the steps of online test registration as we progress. The reason that online registration is advised is that it is both safe and fast. Moreover, you can check whether the test center of your choice has enough vacancies or not instantly. At the same time, you can enter all your details, pay the fees and confirm your test center and location sitting right at your home.Furthermore, after your application is accepted, you can print the hall-ticket sitting right at your home. However, if Internet is not available for you, then you will be left with only one option, registering by mail. Furthermore, students under 13 years of age should certainly register by mail since, as per the rules, they cannot register for the test online.Steps for Registration

  • First, you should visit:
  • On this page, you can see the tab ‘Create Account’. If you are a new user, then you should first create account or else you may directly login to your dedicated ACT account by supplying the required credentials on this page.
  • For creating an account, you shall have to supply your personal information on the pages that follow. Then, your dedicated account will be created. You can then register for the test, apply for a retake, download and print your hall ticket, view your scores and request for additional score reports using your dedicated ACT web account.In order to register for the ACT by mail, you should follow the steps given below:
  • First, visit the link:
  • On this page, you shall find fields to be filled in by you. Your personal information along with your address needs to be supplied to the ACT, Inc so that they can send you a Register-by-Mail packet, which contains the necessary application forms and other instructions.
  • After receiving it, you should fill in with the required data and send it back to the instructed address in order to register for the test.