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What are Good ACT scores?

ACT, formally the acronym for American College Testing is a standardized test administered by the ACT, Inc, a non-profit organization since 1959. The ACT had been started as a competition for the already existing SAT, which is a college level competitive entrance test. It aims and promises to check the readiness of a test taker for the college. The scores of the ACT are hence accepted by a number of colleges and universities all across the America. Moreover, each and every college and university offering four year graduation courses accept them in order to absorb students. In here, we will be discussing the various aspects reflected by the scores and the importance that they carry in the admission processes for your graduation.Score ReportingScores for the ACT test without the Writing section will be released within 18 to 20 days after you take the test. For obtaining the score reports, you will have to wait for over 3-8 weeks. If you have took the Writing test too, then you shall have to wait for 5-8 weeks to obtain your score reports. You should note that ACT, Inc does not encourage any other service for score reporting like by phone, email or fax etc. Therefore, you can either view yourscores online or shall have to wait until the score reports reach you.The test scores are quite important for you to enter the admission competition of any particular college. However, they cannot be your sole triumph to secure a seat. You get shortlisted based upon the score that you have obtained and then you should prove yourself through further competition that might vary from college to college. Hence, your score is the first step for your journey to be successful.What is meant by the term ‘Good Scores’?Before just knowing about good scores, let us first know about how each section of the test is evaluated. Each of the four sections of the ACT, excluding the Writing test is scored on a scale of 1 to 36. The Optional Writing test is evaluated on a score scale of 1 to 12. Now, the composite score of ACT is reported by calculating the average of all the individual scores excluding the Writing section. Obviously, the final score of the test is reported on a score scale of 1 to 36.Surprisingly, every year, the number of students scoring a perfect 36 score is increasing, as per the statistics of the ACT, Inc. So, the best score would certainly be a perfect 36. However, in the Writing section, a score of 12 has never been registered.ACT Scores AnalyzedAs already said, 36 is the maximum achievable score in ACT. Hence, based on this fact, we can confidently consider the scores lying in between 30 and 35 as good. Undoubtedly, if you obtain a score ranging in between, 30 and 35, you would certainly be eligible to enter an elite university.

  • As per statistics, the average ACT score ranges typically between 20 and 22. Moreover, the ACT, Inc ascertains that nearly 50% of the students score less than the above mentioned average composite  score.
  • Based upon the above discussion, it is easier to estimate that scores lying in between the range of 24-29 will be average in terms of appreciation.
  • The composite total  lying below 15 can be considered bad.
  • Speaking of the Writing section, the average score range is 7-8. Hence, a score above 8 can be considered as pretty good and falling below 5 or 4 would be deemed bad.

This is how the scores of ACT are generally considered. However, it fairly depends upon your choice of institution that you may set your own targets and limitations upon the scoring. Make sure that you visit the scores link of the official test website in order to learn about the scores in depth: