ACT Test Writing

ACT – Writing Test

How to Ace ACT Writing – Simplified

The Optional Writing is the only section of the test where you will have to actually ‘write’ an essay. The essay that you write must be simple, coherent and interesting to read. Check out the sample essays on to understand what constitutes a good essay. Moreover, the practice prompts that you will come across on our website will deal with a myriad of topics, so that you are able to handle any essay topic with ease. So start writing compositions based on the practice prompts we provide, right away.

What Constitutes a Good Essay

The essay that you write must have examples, so that the stance you take is substantiated logically. Sometimes the prompt has more than one point of view. In such a scenario, you can choose to support or oppose either both the points or only one point. Moreover, the topics covered under Optional Writing will be social issues relevant to high school students. If you want to know more about Optional Writing prompts then start reading and practice writing straightaway.