ASVAB Math Test Explained

The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is an examination organized by the US Armed Forces to verify, whether you can serve in some capacity in the defense sector of the USA. The  math sub-test comprises topics from various branches of mathematics that were a part of your high school curriculum. The problems that you will come across in thethis sub-test will evaluate your basic concepts of Mathematics. The following sections of this article will provide further insight:Algebra Questions asked in ASVAB Mathematics Sub-testEssential parts of the parts of math comprise problems on Algebra and these questions are so designed that it will examine your knowledge of various theories of Algebra. Some of the question types that you will come across under Algebra, are as follows:

  • Algebraic formulas: These questions on Algebra will require you to use various algebraic formulas in order to solve the problems. These formulas can be basic formulas involving square roots or slightly advanced ones that require you to use your knowledge of quadratic equations.
  • Forming equations: In order to solve some of the Algebra problems, you will have to develop equations. These problems may involve developing linear, simultaneous or, quadratic equations.
  • In-equations: These problems will evaluate your knowledge of imaginary numbers and real numbers. It will also examine your understanding of one algebraic symbol being greater than or lesser than another. For example symbols like a less than b or a greater than b.
  • Matrices: To solve these problems, you will have to use your knowledge of matrix addition, multiplication and simple matrix theory.

The above-mentioned list covers some of the topics that will be covered under Algebra. If you require more information then click on the following link: This link consists of sample questions, which will provide you with an insight of the exact nature of the questions that you have to solve in mathematics.Other Topics Covered Under ASVAB MathematicsIf questions on Algebra constitute for 50%, the remaining 50% consists of questions from Geometry and Arithmetic. Although ASVAB has a separate sub-test on Arithmetic, you can expect some questions on Arithmetic even in the Mathematics sub-test of ASVAB. The topics that will be covered under Geometry and Arithmetic are as follows:

  • Geometrical figures: Here you will be solving questions like; finding the area, volume, surface area etc. of various geometrical figures. You will have to know the formulas for calculating various dimensions of the figures. For example, if you are asked to find the circumference of a circle, then you will have to know the formula for it, which is 2??r (?? = 22/7 and r = radius of the circle).
  • Basic Arithmetic questions: The Arithmetic questions which are a part of ASVAB math will evaluate your knowledge of preliminary concepts of Arithmetic like time, distance, percentage, ratio and proportion.

Some Other Details Regarding AVAB MathematicsThe ASVAB  is held in two formats, viz, CAT ASVAB and the pencil and paper format. The time allotted and the number of questions for each format is as follows:

  • Students taking the CAT ASVAB or the computerized version of the ASVAB will have to solve 16 questions in 20 minutes.
  • Candidates taking the pencil and paper format will have to solve 25 questions in 24 minutes.

Thus, time is of the essence while solving the Mathematics questions, irrespective of which format of the test you decide to appear for.In both the formats, the score you receive in math forms an essential part of your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT). You must provide sufficient attention to this sub-test, even if the number of questions is lesser when compared to the other sub-tests in the ASVAB, because that alone will ensure worthwhile results.