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Where Should You Take the GMAT?

GMAT is a management entrance test that is accepted worldwide and hence has a wide scope in terms of the number of test takers and popularity. To enable easy and convenient testing experience to all the test takers, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), the official administrators, administer the test online. The test is taken by a number of prospective management graduates worldwide and is also considered by over 1500 universities that offer different management programs.What Should You Know about GMAT Testing?As already mentioned, the test is administered online, for which it is also referred to as the GMAT CAT or the computer adaptive test. First, you should know that test is administered as an online test to help students in various countries take the test conveniently. It is apparent that if a test is administered online, there would be many advantages when compared to the conventional mode of paper and pencil testing.This is a four-section test. The sections of the GMAT include Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning Section, Verbal Section and Quantitative Section. It is advised that you visit the official website of the GMAT ( in order to know completely about the test particulars.When and where is GMAT administered?GMAT is administered throughout the year, normally. However, on general and public holidays that may also depend upon the country where the test is held; GMAT is not administered on such days. Therefore, practically you have number of test dates throughout the year to take the test. GMAT is administered by GMAC in cooperation with ETS, who prepares the test. However, GMAC monitors the whole testing process to administer the test without any hassles. There are many authentic G test centers through which the test is administered worldwide.With a view to administer the GMAT in a way that is convenient to the test takers, it is administered through hundreds of test centers that are situated in every part of the world depending upon the requirements. This enables the test takers to choose a test center that is closest to them and schedule their appointment on a day that is convenient to them in order to take the test.Where Should You Take the GMAT?If you can observe, the testing process of GMAT is all about customization to facilitate easy and convenient testing. Therefore, you can be choosy on taking the test. However, before just selecting from among the test locations, it is advised that you consider certain important points that will be instrumental through the whole process of  testing.

  • First, you should select a test date that is, in all ways, convenient to you. More importantly, you should notice that preparation for the test is the most vital aspect that needs consideration. Thus, you should select the test date so that you have enough time for preparing for the test.
  • The importance of the test has been emphasized since test dates are obviously linked to the centers. If you select a test date at a particular test center, then you should also ensure that there is a vacancy for you to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, the whole plan gets disturbed.
  • Next, it is advised that the test takers visit their respective locations once prior to taking the test. This will help you get acquainted with the test center so that you can lower your tension levels on the day of the exam.
  • Visit the link: this link, you can locate the five test centers that are nearest to you. You can further zero in on them based upon your own requirements and convenience terms. On this page, to obtain the list of centres, you will have to fill in your complete address.

After selecting the test center of your choice, make an appropriate testing appointment and then prepare well for the test so that you can clear the test with flying colors!

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