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GRE, abbreviation for Graduate Record Examination is a test intended for prospective candidates, who want to get admission into various graduate schools and business management programs in universities across USA and worldwide. It is designed to test your verbal, quantitative and analytical skills through three different sections. GRE is taken by huge number of students annually and therefore, there exists stiff competition. If you intend to get through the exam successfully, then you should practice a lot for this test.ExamFocus provides GRE aspirants like you with thousands of questions to help you practice for the test. With detailed explanations to all the questions and an assessment of your test taking skills, we are the right source for your GRE practicing needs. The following is an outline for the GRE sections and you can click on the given links to know more about the test, section-wise details and also find practice questions.

Section Quantitative Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Analytical Reasoning
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Quantitative Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning

Writing a GRE MS Admission ??? Statement of Purpose aka SOP is an essential step in the graduate school application process, and it can make a significant difference in your chances of getting accepted into a top-ranked program. An SOP is a personal essay that highlights your academic and professional background, your research interests, and your motivations for pursuing a graduate degree. It provides the admissions committee with a glimpse into your personality, goals, and potential as a student and researcher. While the GRE test measures your academic abilities, the SOP showcases your writing skills and your ability to communicate your ideas effectively. Therefore, it’s important to start writing your SOP early on in the application process, preferably before you take the GRE test, so that you can revise and refine it over time and submit a polished and compelling essay.