MCAT Test Dates

MCAT Dates That You Should Consider

The MCAT is a standardized admissions test that determines an individual’s chances of getting into a health professions school. It accepted by almost all schools in the United States and Canada. The MCAT checks a candidate’s scientific knowledge and how he applies it, as well as his critical thinking skills. The syllabus that a candidate must be thorough with before giving the MCAT constitutes the body of knowledge that is considered a pre-requisite for any medical school applicant.This exam is conducted on many MCAT test dates between January and September every year. While giving any standardized admissions test, there are several important dates one must consider when it comes to the MCAT registration, receiving scores, rescoring, etc.General GuidelinesIt is recommended that you take the exam at least a couple of months before your college application deadlines. If you plan to apply for the 2015 session, it is recommended that you don’t opt for the September 2014 MCATtest dates as you might not get your results back in time to meet application deadlines. There is also the consideration of whether you plan to give the test more than once. If you first want to give a trial run of the test, it is best that you do it by January so that you have sufficient time to give it again and meet application deadlines.Registration DeadlinesThe regular registration deadline while applying for specific test dates is 14 days prior to the exam. The late registration deadline, which incurs extra charges as well, is 7 days prior to the exam. National locations refer to all locations that fall within the territory of the United States, Canada, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The rest will fall under the category of international locations. As you can see, there are very limited dates in international locations as the exam is not held as often in these countries. Thus, it is advised that you plan in advance and register at least 60 days beforehand. This is also recommended to candidates testing in national locations as doing so would ensure that you get the MCAT test dates and test centers of your choice.There are some details that you need to take care of before registration. If you’re applying for the Fee Assistance Program, you need to get approval for it before you register for the exam. If you do not get this approval, you will be required to pay the full fees. If you are applying for special accommodations due to disabilities, you must apply for that when you register yourself. The entire registration process is strictly online.Rescheduling and Cancellation DeadlinesIf you want to change your test date or center, this can be done only before the regular registration deadline and is subject to the seats available. However, a registration for the current year cannot be forwarded into the next year.If you want to cancel your registration, it has to be done at least 48 hours before the test date. At the same time, remember that you will get a refund only if you cancel your registration before the regular registration deadline otherwise the entire amount of fee will be forfeited.Regarding ScoresScores are generally released 30-35 days after you give the exam. Keep this in mind while applying for a particular test date and see that you get your scores at least two weeks before your application deadline.AMCAS is very stringent about its deadlines and late applications are not accepted. However, you are expected to research the institutions you want to apply to as the application deadlines vary from institution to institution. Finally, don’t forget that only after considering these aspects can you finalize on the perfectMCAT test date for yourself!