PSAT Math – Multiple Choice

The Multiple Choice questions are one of the two question types of the PSAT Math section. Out of the 38 questions that include two different question types, 28 questions are Multiple Choice questions; the others are Grid-Ins.

Question Modeling

  • PSAT Math section is intended to test your Problem Solving skills. Moreover, these skills are tested subject to another factor, which is time.
  • Each question will be followed by five answer choices, from which you will have to select the one correct answer option to be awarded with a point.
  • Each wrong answer will make you lose one fourth of a point as negative marking. Hence, you should attempt the question paper with utmost cautiousness.
  • Typically, the Math section of the PSAT is based upon the four broad concepts that are listed out on the official website of the PSAT. These concepts include: Numbers and Operations, Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Functions, Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability.

How to Improve Your Skills

The duration of the PSAT Math section is 50 minutes. Moreover, the PSAT Math section consists of two sub-sections, each of which extends for 25 minutes. Hence, you get just over one minute to solve each question.

  • Practice is a word which is more synonymous with Mathematics than with any other subject. You should keep practicing constantly for this section and put in hours of hard work in order to understand its concepts.
  • Get good preparation materials and start practicing relentlessly. Practicing is more important than just reading and understanding the concepts. The knowledge you possess does not count; on the contrary, the way you answer the problem solving questions of PSAT is all that counts.

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