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The function of science is to reassure; the purpose of art is to upset. Therein lies the value of each.


Science and art, both play an important role in the development of humanity and society. Both of them have unique purposes. However, you cannot say that science can only reassure and art can only upset. Both of them can reverse their roles also.There is no doubt of science performing the function of reassuring as each invention in science makes our life easy. It gives us security and the feeling of comfort. For example, inventions like telephone, automobiles, and aeroplanes have made our lives easy and comfortable. Our ancestors had dreamt of flying like a bird, but science has made this dream come true. Similarly, the invention of electricity, has removed many unknown and unexplained fears from our minds.The development of medical science has played a vital role in reassuring humans. Earlier, human beings used to wait for some miracle to be treated. However, now the most dreaded diseases can also be treated with the help of medicines.However, science can also upset our lives. The invention of nuclear weapons and the harmful by products of scientific experiments have started threatening human life and the environment. Hence, the reassuring purpose of science is failed. Moreover, man has lost his peace of mind as with the development of science, human nature of exploring the unknown world has also grown. With the development of technology, people have more chances and resources to explore the huge cosmos and the solar system, which makes us upset and gives us large encouragement at the same time. Meanwhile, all these high tech researches, atomic science, medical research are trying to solve the old problems but initiating new puzzling thoughts.On the other hand, art has an altogether different purpose. It is considered an activity that relaxes our mind. However, we cannot generalize the things as it depends on the artist’s state of mind when he creates certain art piece. For example, listening to music makes you calm and comfortable. These days yoga gurus use music therapy to treat the patients suffering with stress related diseases. If you watch at the famous smiling painting of Mona Lisa, it brings a smile to your face. Similarly, the famous childhood story of “The Ugly Duckling” gives a child reassurance. The movements in classical dance give you unlimited imagination. There are also some art pieces, which upset you. If a painting shows hunger and poverty, then surely it will upset you. However, that is the artists’ way of enlightening the society. Sometimes, the artist can also depict his sad state of mind on the canvas or in a music piece. For example the famous painting “Pigeon and Guernica” by Picasso shows us the feeling of his being upset.Both art and science are important to us. There is no point defining their functions. It is difficult as well as meaningless. Science is required for the benefit and growth of man, however, its abuse can destroy the world. Hence, we can conclude that both science and art play both the functions of reassuring and upsetting us in different circumstances.SAT Issue Essay 1 | SAT Issue Essay 2 | SAT Issue Essay 3 | SAT Issue Essay 4 | SAT Issue Essay 5 | SAT Issue Essay 6 | SAT Issue Essay 7 | SAT Issue Essay 8 | SAT Issue Essay 9

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