SAT Vocabulary

Why is a Good Vocabulary Important for SAT?

Developing one’s vocabulary is a long drawn, and time consuming process. However, students taking examinations, like the SAT, do not have so much time to spare. Other than preparing for the English section of the SAT, they also have to prepare for the mathematics part of the examination. As a matter of fact, while preparing for the other sections of the test, developing  vocabulary often takes a backseat!It is in such a scenario, that various fast and easy methods for improving your vocabulary become useful. The following section of the article has been devoted to discussing the various features of such websites that promise to increase your vocabulary, in a short span of time.Learning to Improve Your VocabularyAs we read various types of materials, like books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals, our mind automatically retains certain words. These words become a part of our vocabulary. However, if you want to develop your vocabulary in this manner, then it will take years to do so. Hence, the only other method left to develop your vocabulary is memorization. Nevertheless, memorizing a dictionary is an impossible task. Thus, websites dedicated to developing, particularly, yourSAT vocabulary, are the ones that we should consider. Some of them are as follows:

  • This website promises to teach you not only new words, but also words that feature in the official SAT preparatory guide. This site comprises lists of words followed by their meaning. Each list consists of 10 words, so that you can learn to memorize new words slowly, but regularly. This method also ensures that this does not take up a large part of your SAT schedule. Nevertheless, if you are diligent, you will be able to memorize a large number of words in no time. Thus, if you want a website that teaches you words in a slow and steady manner, then this is the one for you.
  • As the name of the website suggests, it is dedicated to developing your SAT vocabulary in particular. It provides a list of words in alphabetical order. The unique feature of this website is that it not only provides the meaning of words, but also provides their application rules. It requires you to imagine certain situations, so that you can understand the meaning of the words better. This ensures that the word and its meaning get absolutely imprinted into your memory. Hence, if you need a website that has a unique approach to developing vocabulary, then you should check this one out.
  • This is a highly organized website, where you can progress from learning simple to more difficult words. The website has a collection of 6000 words. You can slowly progress from learning commonly used words, to the more unusual words here. The lists of words consist of not only words and their meanings, but also the group under which they fall. So, if you require a website that provides an exhaustive list of words, then you should check this one.

The above-mentioned list provides the links to some better known websites, to help you develop your vocabulary. However, students often want to learn words without having to spend much time on the task. The following section of the article discusses the features of one such website.Develop Your Vocabulary in an Easy to Learn MethodThe following website:, promises to develop your SAT vocabulary in an interesting manner. From the name of the website itself, you can understand that it consists of a large number of words. However, the unique feature of the website is that, it will develop your vocabulary with the help of simple games. You can download this app on your phone or computer. After that you can play the various memory games it has and you won’t even know when your vocabulary became so good! Thus, if you want a fun and interesting method to develop your vocabulary then you must check this website.Be Patient with Learning New WordsRemember, developing your vocabulary (even by memorization) is a time consuming process. Therefore, do not be disheartened if you do not receive immediate results. Adopt slow and steady approach and try learning a certain number of words every day. If you try to learn a large number of words in one day, you will definitely forget them on the day of the test and your effort will go waste. So take your time and slowly and sincerely learn words, if you want to make your SAT score worthwhile.Every college entrance examination has a section dedicated to analyzing your language skills. However, this section usually tests your knowledge of English grammar, and your vocabulary. The SAT is no different. Of the three sections of the examination, two of them (Critical Reading and Writing) are designed to test precisely these two skills. Thus,vocabulary tests are an essential part of SAT preparation. These tests are available online and each has different features, which have been discussed in the following section of the article.Some Links to Understand SAT VocabularyDeveloping one’s vocabulary takes a long time. Vocabulary is actually the accumulation of all the words that we know. If you think carefully, your knowledge of unusual English words will not be very vast. This is where vocabulary tests come in handy. They increase your knowledge of English words immensely. Moreover, these tests are designed to develop your knowledge of SAT words, specifically. Some of the websites that you can refer to are as follows:

  • : This website is unique, because it divides the vocabulary according to grades. For example, if you want to revise your high school vocabulary, then you should pick ‘sophomore’ or ‘junior’. However, you should also check out the wordlists under 6th, 7th and 8th grades, because here too you will come across words that you did not know previously. Moreover, the various divisions under which this website provides the vocabulary tests make it simpler to understand and are user friendly, as well.
  • : This website provides elaborate wordlists, which will help you develop your SAT vocabulary in a very short period of time. The lists consist of words, followed by their meanings. Unlike a dictionary, the meanings are given in a short and simple to understand manner. Often, instead of providing the meaning, this website provides a common synonym of the particular word. This not only makes the meaning clear, but also teaches you a new word. Thus, if you want a website that can help you learn words fast then you should check this one out.
  • : As the name suggests, this website provides a large number of words that are commonly used in the SAT. However, another unique feature of this website is that it provides some tips and strategies that make memorizing words easier. Thus, if you need a website that will help you develop your vocabulary in an easier manner, then you should definitely check this one.

Other than the language section, the SAT has an elaborate mathematical section as well. Most candidates are usually so busy preparing for the analytical section that vocabulary often take a back seat. However, you can develop your vocabulary without taking out much time from your SAT schedule. The following section of the article will tell you how you can do so.Develop Your Vocabulary AnytimeThe vocabulary Bible is innovative software that allows you to learn new words anytime during the day. All you need to do is download and install the app on your mobile, computer or tab. Then you can play the word games in this app, anytime during the day. This will make learning new words interesting, as well. You can download this software by clicking on the following link: However, do not think that you can be impatient while increasing your vocabulary. Vocabulary tests, make the process simpler but not shorter.Take Your TimeDeveloping your vocabulary will take time. You must be patient and take as many vocabulary tests as you can. These tests will also help you practice and prepare for other language sections of the SAT. Learning new words is not sufficient, if you do not understand how to apply them. So, practice hard and ensure that you have set time aside in your schedule to increase your knowledge of words.