TEAS Test Centers

How to Select a TEAS Test Center?

Selecting a proper test center is almost as essential as preparing for the examination. It is so because; you need to take the test in an environment that is calm and conducive to taking a test since the test requires complete concentration on your part. The TEAS is administered in a number of colleges throughout the USA. Hence, you can choose any college that is convenient to you. Nevertheless, before you select aTEAS test center and mention it in your registration form, you should take into account a number of things, which have been discussed in the following sections of this article.Points to Remember While Selecting a Test CenterThe TEAS examination is usually held within a college or university campus. This ensures that you have all the facilities that an educational institute can provide so that you can take the test without a hitch. However, before you select a center, make certain that you have taken care of the following things:

  • Distance from your house: The college or university that you select, should not be far away from your house. You will have to arrive at the test location at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination. Hence, the closer the campus is to your residence, the more convenient it will be for you.
  • Choosing a test date and time: Although most of the test centers hold the TEAS examinations on all dates (fixed by the ATI), it might so happen that the timings during which they are held, are not convenient for you. Thus, before you select a TEAS test center, ensure that it holds the examination on the date and time that you have chosen. If in case the particular college or university does not hold the examination on the particular date or time, you can choose an alternative test center.
  • Test centers with special facilities: Sometimes candidates require accommodation for the TEAS examination. In such a scenario, you will have to find out whether the test center for your choice provides such facilities or not. Based on that information you should choose a test center. You will also have to fill up an Accommodation Application Form and submit it to the test center, informing them of your requirement.
  • Test centers with disability support: All centers are not equipped with a disability support system. Candidates requiring such specific facilities must choose test centers, only after enquiring, whether or not, the test locations of their choice have provisions to support such students.

The above-mentioned list outlines some of the points to remember while choosing a test center. Once you have understood your requirements, you must proceed on to choosing a testing location. The procedure for it has been discussed in the following section of the article.How to Select a TEAS Testing Location?When you log in to the ATI website, in order to register for the examination, the two things that you have to choose are your state and city of residence. Once you have selected them, a list of colleges and universities that hold the TEAS examination, in the city of your choice, will be displayed on the computer screen.Subsequently, you should click on ‘learn more’ in order to understand the facilities offered by the center of your choice. Read this page carefully as it will also help you realize whether you can take the test from the particular campus, or not. Once you have taken all this into account, select the test center that you are most comfortable with and proceed with the registration process for the test.

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