LSAT - Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning Format: This part of the LSAT consists of two sub-sections. Each sub-section comprises 24 to 26 questions.

Type of questions: The questions are usually in the form of passages, consisting of short arguments or discussions. Each passage is followed by a prompt. This prompt is actually the question, which you will have to solve.

Time consumed: You will get 35 minutes to solve each sub-section of the LSAT Logical Reasoning section.

Marking scheme: Like the other sections of the LSAT, this section too is scored based on the number of correct answers that you provide. There is no negative marking. The 'raw score' that you receive is converted to a 'scaled score', which forms an integral part of your final LSAT score.

How to Improve Your Skills

Once you have understood the features of this section of the LSAT, you will need to identify the type of questions that you will have to answer. Rigorous practice is mandatory for success.

ExamFocus brings to you hundreds of Logical Reasoning practice questions that will help you hone your skills through their challenging level of difficulty. On clicking the following five links, you shall go to the page that offers hundreds of sample questions for your practice.