MCAT Test Fee


How Much Do You Pay For MCAT And Why

The MCAT is a common admissions test that candidates have to take if they want to apply to a health professions school. This exam aims to test an applicant’s basic knowledge of science in the fields of Physical Science and Biological Science. It also tests the Verbal Reasoning and Writing abilities of the candidate. The course covered in the test includes what is deemed relevant knowledge for a medical college applicant to have. MCAT has four sections and lasts for around five and a half hours. Most of the test is in multiple-choice-question format except for the Writing Sample section which contains two essay style questions. There are some fees which are charged for the various services provided by MCAT.Registration FeesThe fee for registering well within the regular registration deadline i.e. up to 14 days prior to the test date is US $270. If you miss the regular registration deadline, you can still register for the test by availing the late registration benefit. This can be done till a week before the test and the fee charged for this privilege is $75. International students (students who do not belong to the territory of the United States, Canada, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico) need to pay $85 extra for registration.Fees for Related ServicesThe MCAT provides some additional services so as to be able to meet all needs of students. They also charge a fee for these additional services. Such services include rescheduling test date, changing test centre, rescoring and cancelling your registration.

  • Changing Test Date/Centre – If you feel that you have chosen an inappropriate test date for whichever reason, you can apply for another test date but this has to be done before the regular registration deadline. Applicants can also get their test centres changed but this also needs to be done before the regular registration deadline. Both these changes are subject to availability of seats so there are no guarantees. For availing these services, you will have to pay additionalfees of $90 each.
  • Rescoring – If, for any reason, you feel that you have scored fewer marks than you deserve, you can apply to get your answers rescored. The charges for getting a multiple choice question section rescored are $55 and the same apply to getting the Writing Sample section rescored. The charges for getting the entire paper rescored are $110.
  • Refunds – If, for any reason, you want to cancel your MCAT registration, you can do so till up to 48 hours before the test. You will get a refund of 50% ofthe fees only if the cancellation is done before the regular registration deadline. Recipients of the Fee Assistance awards are refunded their money in full.

Fee Assistance ProgramThe MCAT has a Fee Assistance Program in place to help students from financially weak backgrounds to apply for medical school. They feel that a person’s financial status should not get in the way of his or her dream of becoming a medical practitioner. Thus, a person can apply for this program – details of which can be found here – and once they get the approval, their registration charges are reduced to just $100. Persons who receive this award also benefit in other ways. They receive The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam as well their AMCAS fee for all 14 colleges is waived.All MCAT fees are to be paid in US dollars only and through either Visa or Mastercard. All payments are processed online.