Important Points About GMAT IR

The ability to analyze the data provided and then draw logical conclusions from it is an essential capacity, which all prospective MBA students must have. The IR section will evaluate this particular ability in you and we, at ExamFocus, will ensure that you are able to hone this particular skill. How do we aim to do so, you ask? Well, the multitude of practice tests available on our website will help you do so with unparalleled ease...

What to Study for GMAT IR?

 IR questions for GMAT are not strictly Data Interpretation problems, although they are similar to them. We are saying so, because you will have to study graphs, bar diagrams etc. in order to answer the questions. However, some questions will also involve pictorial representation of data, while some others will have the data presented in columns. If you want to understand the exact nature of the IR problems then start solving some of the practice tests right now!

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