GMAT Test Registration

Steps Involved in GMAT Test Registration

Test registration is one of the easiest processes throughout the process of testing for the GMAT. However, every test taker must take immense interest in knowing about theregistration pr ocesses and other details pertaining to the process of testing in order to have a hassle-free testing experience. Furthermore, taking interest in the  process way ahead will help you stay tension free, which in turn would help you to concentrate more on your preparation. Another major advantage of registering much earlier for the test is that you can confirmedly get your slot booked since there would be less competition for booking. Therefore, it is advised for all the test takers that they plan their testing much ahead of their test date.

GMAT Administration

GMAT is also called the computer adaptive test (CAT), which means that the test is administered online. This will enable easy and convenient testing to both the administrators and the test takers. Even the test registration process is completely online. Therefore, one can register, find a testing center and book a slot to take the test and take the test online. Hence, this test is very convenient. You can notice that you can do every work pertaining to registering for the test right from your home. Just on the day of your exam, you can walk over to your exam center to take the test.

What Should You Consider before Registering for GMAT?

Even though the process of registering is quite easy, you will have to consider some important issues pertaining to your testing.

  • Choosing a Test Date: Before getting registered, you should first choose a test date roughly. This involves considering two important aspects, which are the time required by you for preparing for the test and your convenience. Choose a date in any time of the year in which you should be free from any other tasks or preoccupations. At the same time, ensure that you've left enough time for getting prepared for the test.
  • Choosing a Test Center: Next comes choosing a test center. Choose a test center that is close to you. This will be helpful for you on the day of the exam. You can easily approach the test center if it is closer to you.
  • The Test Dates: Now, check with the test dates available at the test center that you chose in the period in which you have decided to take the test.
  • The Vacancies: After you have chosen the test center and the test date, it is time for you to check with the vacancies at the test center that you have chosen. Check with the test center for vacancies on the test date of your choice. If there is vacancy, do not delay; book it since it might not be available after some time.
  • Visit the official link that will be specified later on in this article and get registered for the test.

Steps Involved in the Test Registration Process

  • Going by the above mentioned points, you should first visit the link that will help you locate a test center
  • On this page, after providing the full details of your address, you can obtain the list of five test centers that are closest to you. You can then select the one that is more convenient to you in all ways.
  • In order to schedule your appointment, you should first go through the test registration process, which you can do at the link:
  • You shall be registered with the official website once you provide your personal information. After this, you will be supplied with your dedicated official  account.
  • After the registration, by logging into your dedicated account, you can schedule your appointment and also pay your fees directly from your account.
  • Furthermore, in case you wish to retake the test at a later time, you can proceed from the old account supplied to you.

This way, you can easily get registered for the test. However, it is always advised to the aspirants that they stay in regular touch with the official Gwebsite for any updates pertaining to the test procedures or any other regulations.