GRE Sentence Equivalence Practice Test 5


1. This alarming state is the result of illegal __________ for useful metal parts from the bodies of automobiles put up for repair.

  • A. trafficking

  • B. dredging

  • C. scouring

  • D. sacking

  • E. hunting

  • Answer:BCE

  • Answer Explanation:This missing word is referring to something that is illegal and which is done in respect of the metal parts of automobiles. The word ‘trafficking’ sounds meaningful when seen with ‘illegal’ but the word ‘trafficking’ will not be correct in the context in which the missing word has been used in the sentence. ‘Sacking’ is clearly incorrect as it will render the sentence ambiguous when placed in the blank. ‘Dredging’, ‘scoring’ and ‘hunting’ will impart the same meaning to the sentence when either of them is placed in the blank. Therefore, B, C and E are the correct answers.


2. They were wary of being classified as __________ of crime because their carelessness had resulted in the escape of dreaded criminals.

  • A. perpetrators

  • B. destroyers

  • C. saviours

  • D. executers

  • E. harbingers

  • Answer:AD

  • Answer Explanation:The missing word is describing something that the people under discussion were wary of being classified as. The carelessness shown by these people had resulted in the escape of dangerous criminals. Therefore, it is apparent that the missing word is close to ‘supporters’ in meaning. ‘Destroyers’ is clearly incorrect as it does not blend in with the meaning being conveyed by the remaining sentence. Out of the remaining options, ‘perpetrators’ and ‘executers’ are the only two words that have similar meanings. Therefore, A and D are the correct answers..


3. Sadly, the story failed to impress the readers as it was largely based on __________ and conformist notions.

  • A. innuendos

  • B. conventional

  • C. insinuations

  • D. allusions

  • E. conservative

  • Answer:ACD

  • Answer Explanation:The readers were not impressed by the story as it was largely based on conformist notions and something else that is being described by the missing word. Since, ‘conformist’ is already present in the sentence, the missing word cannot carry the same meaning and therefore, ‘conventional’ and ‘conservative’ are both unsuitable choices for the blank. ‘Innuendos’, ‘insinuations’ and ‘allusions’ carry similar meanings and each of them fits in well with the overall meaning being conveyed by the sentence. Therefore, A, C and D are the correct answers.


4. He squirmed with humiliation after the details of his __________ were found on the front pages of all leading dailies.

  • A. donations

  • B. misdemeanours

  • C. marriage

  • D. adolescence

  • E. transgressions

  • Answer:BE

  • Answer Explanation:It is likely that the details that were published in the newspapers were of a personal nature since he was humiliated. ‘Marriage’ seems to be an appropriate word for the blank, but there are no other words in the list of answer options that carry the same meaning. ‘Adolescence’ is incorrect for the same reasons. ‘Donations’ is an inappropriate word for the blank because it is unlikely that he would be humiliated if details of donations made by him are published in newspapers. ‘Misdemeanours’ and ‘transgressions’ carry similar meanings and they both are valid reasons for being ‘humiliated’. Therefore, B and E are the correct answers.


5. She publicly __________ all the council members and this sparked off a controversy as the affected parties retaliated strongly.

  • A. felicitated

  • B. denounced

  • C. condemned

  • D. censured

  • E. admonished

  • Answer:BCDE

  • Answer Explanation:It is unlikely that felicitating someone would lead to a strong retaliation and a controversy; rather such events could take place if someone is criticised publicly. ‘Denounced’, ‘condemned’, ‘censured’ and ‘admonished’ mean the same as ‘criticise’ and placing either of them in the blank would make the sentence meaningful on similar lines. Therefore, B, C, D and E are the correct answers.


6. There was complete __________ as the rioters prowled the streets on the lookout for whatever they could muster.

  • A. harmony

  • B. elation

  • C. anarchy

  • D. bedlam

  • E. despair

  • Answer:CD

  • Answer Explanation:According to the situation being described, rioters were prowling the streets and this means that there was total ‘mayhem’ on the streets. The missing word is describing this situation and so it has to be similar to ‘mayhem’ in meaning. Therefore, ‘harmony’ and ‘elation’, both are clearly incorrect. Out of the remaining options, ‘anarchy’ and ‘bedlam’ are two words that mean the same as ‘mayhem’ and therefore, C and D are the correct answers.


7. Despite the __________ leakages in the old fashioned pipelines, water supply remained sufficient for the entire summers.

  • A. unavoidable

  • B. latest

  • C. inevitable

  • D. decrepit

  • E. avoidable

  • Answer:AC

  • Answer Explanation:The pipelines were old fashioned and they had leakages. The missing word is describing these leakages. Each of the given answer options, when seen individually, fits in well as the missing word. However, we need to choose those answer choices which would impart a similar meaning to the sentence. In view of the above it is evident that A and C are the correct answers as ‘inevitable’ and ‘unavoidable’ are the only two words in the given list that carry similar meanings.


8. It could not be understood as to why the management was lending a deaf ear to the __________ demands of the teachers.

  • A. illegitimate

  • B. vociferous

  • C. unassuming

  • D. legitimate

  • E. genuine

  • Answer:DE

  • Answer Explanation:Since the sentence brings out that it could not be understood why the demands of the teachers were being ignored, it is likely that the missing word is similar to ‘authentic’ or ‘genuine’ in meaning. ‘Vociferous’ and ‘unassuming’ are both suitable options when seen individually but they do not carry the same meanings and therefore, they cannot be chosen as the correct choices. Out of the remaining answer options, ‘legitimate’ and ‘genuine’ carry similar meanings and therefore, D and E are the correct answers.


9. The immediate requirement was that of an impartial __________ of all movable and immovable assets of the industrialists.

  • A. allocation

  • B. inspection

  • C. appraisal

  • D. liquidation

  • E. audit

  • Answer:BCE

  • Answer Explanation:The missing word is describing what had to be done to all movable and immovable assets as the immediate requirement. The first word that comes to mind in such a case is either ‘inspection’ or ‘liquidation’. Out of these two words, the word that has no synonyms in the given list of answer options is ‘liquidation’ and therefore, it is incorrect. The meaning imparted to the sentence by using ‘appraisal’ or ‘audit’ in the blank will be the same as that when ‘inspection’ is used. Therefore, B, C and E are the correct answers.


10. The entire incident was stage-managed and it was simply a __________ to deflect the limelight from his personal life to his professional achievements.

  • A. debate

  • B. tragedy

  • C. pretext

  • D. cover-up

  • E. parody

  • Answer:CD

  • Answer Explanation:The public interest had to be diverted from his personal life to his professional achievements and the incident under discussion was engineered to achieve this aim. In other words, the incident was just used as an ‘excuse’ to divert attention and it did not happen on its own; it was stage-managed. Another word that can be used in place of ‘excuse’ is ‘pretext’ or ‘cover-up’. ‘Parody’ is clearly incorrect as its use would render the sentence meaningless. ‘Debate’ and ‘tragedy’ are incorrect for the same reasons. In view of the above, it is evident that C and D are the correct answers.


11. In what can be called, a ________________ move, a Saudi restaurateur has started fining the customers who do not finish their ordered food stuffs

  • A. Trend setting

  • B. Conservative

  • C. Traditional

  • D. Pioneering

  • E. Revolutionary

  • Answer:ADE

  • Answer Explanation:The sentence here requires to be completed using an adjective that explains the nature of the move that has been explained in the latter part of the sentence. An analysis of the sentence tells that it is a novel and change-bearing move, thus, the second and third options; ‘Conservative’ and ‘Traditional’ are wrong answers. The rest three options, ‘Trend setting’, ‘Pioneering’ and ‘Revolutionary’ are the correct answers as they ideally explain the type of move indicated in the sentence.


12. Taking the poverty and____________________of people around the globe in view, the act of wasting food should be considered a crime.

  • A. Deprivation

  • B. Satiation

  • C. Abundance

  • D. Nourishment

  • E. Starvation

  • Answer:AE

  • Answer Explanation:The sentence here needs to be completed using a word that can further explain the condition of the people who are experiencing poverty. Keeping in mind that the context here concerns with food wastage, the words selected should correspond to it. Bearing all these facts in mind, the options, ‘Deprivation’ and ‘Starvation’ are the correct answers. The other three options, ‘Satiation’, ‘Abundance’ and ‘Nourishment’ are not the correct answers as they imply what is directly opposing to the meaning intended.


13. Fun and enjoyment, however, are ___________neither into our system, nor into our cultures.

  • A. Congenital

  • B. Intrinsic

  • C. Surfaced

  • D. Ingrained

  • E. Contracted

  • Answer:ABD

  • Answer Explanation:We are in requirement of a word here that relates ‘fun and enjoyment’ to the rest of the sentence. The options, ‘Congenital’, ‘Intrinsic’ and ‘Ingrained’ are correct as they perfectly suit the position in which the rest of the sentence is. It explains the relation of fun and enjoyment with the system and cultures as such. The rest two options, ‘Surfaced’ and ‘Contracted’ are not appropriate to be used here, as they change the meaning intended from the sentence.


14. The serious issue of food wastage deserves attention and strong _______________from the public

  • A. Initiatives

  • B. Dynamism

  • C. Lethargy

  • D. Indifference

  • E. Spunk

  • Answer:ABE

  • Answer Explanation:The words from the list which shall best suit this sentence would be the ones which would explain the type of actions expected to deal with the problem of food wastage. The first two options, ‘Initiatives’ and ‘Dynamism’ are the perfect options in this regards, as they denote actions that refer to strong steps taken in this direction. The next two options, ‘Lethargy’ and ‘Indifference’ explain the actions that are completely opposite to the sense conveyed by the first two words, and are wrong answers. The last option, ‘Spunk’ is an informal word but implies a meaning same as the words ‘Initiatives’ and ‘Dynamism’, so is again a correct answer.


15. Their travel experiences have always ______________ fashion designers to create novelties for their industry.

  • A. Inspired

  • B. Spurred

  • C. Discouraged

  • D. Dissuaded

  • E. Undermined

  • Answer:AB

  • Answer Explanation:The sentence here explains the way fashion designers bring new collections and creations to the fore after taking their travel experiences into consideration. The requirement in this sentence is to use a word that can explain the impact of these travels on them. The options, ‘Inspired’ and ‘Spurred’ are the correct answers as they rightly explain this equation. The other three options, ‘Discouraged’, ‘Dissuaded’ and ‘Undermined’ are incorrect as they refer to negative impacts which are of course not applicable as the designers create new things after these experiences, and if the impact were negative, they would not be creating things.

Score: 0/10

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