GRE Issue Essay 4

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It is always an individual who is the impetus for innovation; the details may be worked out by a team, but true innovation results from the enterprise and unique perception of an individual.


There is no second thought that an individual who owns an enterprise has his own interest in the growth of his enterprise. It is true that he has to possess a unique perception for his growth. However, an individual cannot attain success alone without the support provided by his team. An individual needs foundation work like research work, new methods to make an innovation etc. A person and the members of his team usually work hand in hand to make a task successful. An individual works as a force behind his team.I agree with the author that there has to be a thought process behind a new innovation. A talented individual plays an important role in innovations. In history, we have many examples that explain the role of an individual and his persistence in the inventions of the things that have changed our lives. New innovated ideas need courage and perception to be executed. One has to be brave enough to take risks and undergo distress.For example, Wright brothers invented planes. However, nobody is able to know the risk they had taken and the way they handled the failures, they faced while working. Similarly, Bill Gates was the thoughtful mind behind the success of software. He judged the potential of software when the other companies like IBM were concentrating on hardware. He got the benefit and established Microsoft. Although Microsoft was altogether his idea, he was able to make it successful with the help of his team. Further, Microsoft has created many new software.There is also an example of steel tycoon Laxmi Mittal, who did not leave his courage after he failed to start his business in India. However, his persistence and enterprise made him successful and now he is one of the most successful men in the world.There is no doubt that an individual with foresight and talent can play a vital role in an enterprise. However, we cannot deny the importance of teamwork. These days, there are so many complex problems that cannot be solved by a single person. The recent Nobel Prize winners are a group or team of three of four persons as they worked together to make new inventions. Many companies when innovate new products, divide the whole task into small tasks and then integrate the whole thing to achieve the final product. That way every person in the team gets a chance to express his own unique idea. That way everybody can contribute to the enterprise. Especially, in the field of medicine, teamwork is required. New medicines invented by a single person cannot be used without the verifications and research done by the other scientists.In the end, we can agree with the statement that an individual with talent and the unique quality of enterprise can help in making new inventions and discoveries. However, when it comes to complex problems and new researches then the need of teamwork and cooperation of team members cannot be ignored.GRE Issue Essay 1 | GRE Issue Essay 2 | GRE Issue Essay 3 | GRE Issue Essay 4 | GRE Issue Essay 5 | GRE Issue Essay 6 | GRE Issue Essay 7 | GRE Issue Essay 8 | GRE Issue Essay 9 | GRE Issue Essay 10

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