GRE Issue Essay 3

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Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places.


Laws are the basic principles of our day-to-day life; hence, behavior of people should not go beyond the lines confined by laws. Laws are strong weapons to maintain peace and harmony in a society. However, everyday and every situation can be different. You cannot generalize the circumstances beyond a certain limit. Same is the case with laws. You cannot apply the same law in each situation. It has to be flexible. Change and flexibility are required for growth.In general, there are many laws. Violation of laws can have different forms. There are different laws for different situations. However, within a particular type of crime also, the situation might be different. Hence, while taking a decision, one has to take decisions keeping in mind circumstances of a particular case. For example, it has to be considered whether a person has made an offence deliberately, unintentionally, just for fun or for money.There are many examples in history, which make you think in favor of flexibility of laws. The latest law is one child rule in China. This law was made to control population in China. According to this law in China, each couple can have only one child. Now after the earthquake, the Chinese government is thinking about revising this law. Hence, as a society is growing and developing, proper changes in laws are required. Laws have to keep pace with the changing times.Another example of a law changing with time is the law related to the legal heir. In ancient times, only the oldest son or only the sons of the family had the right to the family property. As time has progressed and women have started asking for their rights, law has changed and now all the offspring have equal right to the family wealth. Now a days, another aspect in this context also plays a role. That is the will of the dying person. Family wealth is distributed according to the will of the dying person.Similarly, you cannot give the same punishment to two persons who have killed some other persons for different reasons. While one person might have killed for some personal gain and the other person could have killed to save his own life. Both the situations are entirely different. There is no doubt that fixed laws help the judges in determining whether a person is guilty or not. However, it also forces people to follow laws, as they are afraid of punishments. It instills the fear in their minds that if they do some wrong, they will be punished.Finally, it can be said that there should be a balance between the two aspects. There should be a fixed law for every crime to guide the judges and the government to install rules and regulations. It gives the feeling of security and stability. However, at the same time, there should be flexibility when it comes to applying the laws in different circumstances. There should be a scope of modifying the existing and fading laws to give way to the development of the society and justice to people.GRE Issue Essay 1 | GRE Issue Essay 2 | GRE Issue Essay 3 | GRE Issue Essay 4 | GRE Issue Essay 5 | GRE Issue Essay 6 | GRE Issue Essay 7 | GRE Issue Essay 8 | GRE Issue Essay 9 | GRE Issue Essay 10

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