Vocabulary Tests

Often we come across words that we have heard, but cannot remember the meanings of. This often happens if we read a new word whose exact meaning we do not know. However, when placed in a sentence, we can make out an apparent meaning, so that we can understand the statement. It is natural to feel lazy and not check the dictionary for the exact meaning of the word! It is in such cases that vocabulary tests come useful. These tests are especially useful if you want to fare well in examinations, like the GRE. The following section of the article will help you understand why it is important to have a good vocabulary for GRE.

Importance of Vocabulary Tests

In the GRE you cannot afford not to know the exact meaning of the word. If you take a guess, you are most likely to choose the wrong answers. Vocabulary tests, thus, not only develop your vocabulary, but also get you acquainted with many new words. In order to help you improve your vocabulary, features of some such online tests have been discussed in the following section of the article.

Learning More about Word Tests

GRE vocabulary tests are designed to verify your knowledge of words that are common to this test. While solving these tests do not get disheartened, if you come across words that you have no knowledge about. These tests not only examine your knowledge, but also teach you new words. Some websites offering such tests are as follows:

  • http://www.english-test.net/gre/vocabulary/meanings/003/gre-test.php : The tests available on this website are a preview to those available in the book. You can take these tests to analyze your vocabulary. Here you will have to choose the correct meaning of the word that is in the question, out of four possible choices. Once you have selected the answers, you will have to hit the 'check your score' button and your score along with the correct answers will be displayed. This is a very precise way of analyzing your vocabulary. If you like the tests then you can even consider purchasing the book.
  • http://www.vocaboly.com/vocabulary-test/gre10.php : This website consists of tests ranging from easy, to medium, to difficult. The number of questions also keeps on increasing progressively, as you proceed from easy to difficult tests. The questions are also varied and the words are taken from all types of subjects (like, biology, literature etc.), but they are commonly used. You can choose to try the trial version, before you purchase the entire preparatory material. It is an elaborate website, which even consists of screenshots that will help you understand how to solve the tests online. It also consists of simple memory games that try to make learning new words interesting.
  • http://gre.graduateshotline.com/ : This is a unique website, which consists of words and their application in sentences. Based on these applications, you will have to understand the meaning of the word and select the correct answer option, accordingly. This process is very elaborate, but it ensures that you understand the meaning of the word thoroughly. It also consists of lists of unusual GRE words. These vocabulary lists help you to understand not only the word meaning, but also how to apply them in sentences. This will help you with the text completion and the sentence equivalence questions of GRE, since these questions require a direct knowledge of words and their meanings.
  • http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/vocabmania.htm : This website consists of tests that total almost seven hundred words. These words are divided into separate tests. You can solve these questions online or even take a print out. It also consists of flash cards, which have a computer generated voice that teaches you the pronunciation of the words. It is followed by a definition of the word, along with its application in a sentence. If you want a comprehensive website that provides testsfree of cost, then you should check out this one.

Students often find developing vocabulary to be cumbersome. However, there are some websites that promise to teach you words in a fun manner. The features of one such website have been discussed in the following section of the article.

Learning Words Made Easy

The website, viz, http://gre-vocabulary-bible.fyxm.net/ teaches you words through simple, yet interesting games. As the name suggests, this website provides a vocabulary bible. In other words, it comprises software that you can download and install in your computer. After that you can learn new words and take the tests. This software also provides soft copies of flash cards that will help you memorize new words quickly. If you want software with an exhaustive number of words, then you should check this website.

The above-mentioned sections outline, the various features of the better known websites that will help you with learning and understanding new words. These will also help you analyze your vocabulary. Nevertheless, you should remember that diligence alone will help improve your vocabulary. So prepare well and solve as many such tests as possible.