GRE - Argument Task

Analyze an Argument essays require you to read the topic and write an essay where you will be arguing for or against the motion. You will have to understand the argument in the topic, in accordance with the question given and then write an articulate essay, which will be able to convey your ideas clearly.

In order to present a fine essay, you must take the following points into account:

  • Analyzing the assumption
  • Logical use of information
  • Providing plausible arguments
  • Drawing of inference

Tips for Writing Better Essays

  • The first and foremost aspect that you should keep in your mind and be attentive towards it is that you should never present your thoughts and ideas crossing the scope of the given argument. You should just present a critique by limiting your thoughts within the scope of the presented argument.
  • Time is quite an important factor since you get only 30 minutes. You should be very fast in reading the given topic, thinking about it, organizing your ideas and then presenting them in a flow of acceptable sequence. Your content should not sound like jabberwocky.
  • It is advised that you allocate the first five minutes of your time in reading, understanding and contemplating on the flow of the sentences. Then start writing. Do not be unplanned and begin to write an essay right away.

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