IELTS - Listening

The IELTS Listening test is conducted by playing out recordings of conversations and monologues and asking candidates to answer forty questions based on these. It extends for a total of 30 minutes and has four recorded monologues and conversations.

Question Modeling & Structure

  • There are four major varieties of questions. The first are multiple-choice questions.
  • The second type deals with yes/no/not given or true/false/not given questions where you are to select any one option.
  • You have fill-in-the-blank questions as well, which are asked in the form of questionnaires or forms to be filled.
  • Then you have the short answer questions to be answered generally using not more than four words.
  • The last type is the matching question variety where you are to match a given set of information with another similar set.

How to Improve Your Skills

The Listening test aims to check whether a candidate is able to understand spoken English or not. It tests how well a candidate can follow a conversation or speech in English and whether he is able to identify the main idea, understand information, be able to make out the attitude or opinion of the speaker from his tone and other skills.

  • Developing your overall communication skills is a dire requirement for you to perform well in this particular section.

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