IELTS - Speaking

The Speaking test is conducted in the form of a personal interview. Each interview lasts anywhere between 11-14 minutes. While the Reading, Writing and Listening sections of the test are all conducted on the same day, the Speaking test is conducted within seven days of those - never on the same day. Scores are assigned on a band scale of 1 to 9 and the interview is always recorded for purpose of cross-checking.

Question Modeling & Structure

  • The Speaking test is divided into three parts. The first part of the interview is the introduction where the examiner introduces himself/herself and confirms the identity of the candidate.
  • Then, the examiner proceeds to ask a personal question about the candidate and proceeds to build the conversation on that.
  • Next, the examiner will hand out a cue card on which a topic will be written.
  • The candidate will be given time to think about the topic for a minute and formulate an answer so that he/she can speak on the said topic for at least a minute or two.

How to Improve Your Skills

In this part of IELTS, a candidate's ability to hold a conversation in English is tested. As is obvious from the name, the speaking capabilities of a candidate are tested. You are required to acquire the following skill-set:

  • Lexical resources and vocabulary.
  • Fluency and coherence.
  • The level of grammatical accuracy.
  • Pronunciation.

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