MCAT - Physical Sciences

Question Format

  • The first category of questions deals with identifying the central theme of the passage.
  • The second category of questions will call into use your background knowledge of the subject.
  • The third category of questions tests your background knowledge of the subject more bluntly.
  • The next category is related to formulating hypothesis, conducting experiments that confirm it, explaining cause and effect relationships, etc.
  • The fifth category broadly deals with evaluating whether a particular conclusion drawn from the data is justified and to identify supporting evidence.
  • The sixth category consists of application style questions.
  • The last category deals with representation and interpretation of quantitative data.

Number of Questions

The MCAT Physical Sciences section is a multiple-choice question test. The section consists of 52 multiple-choice questions that have to be completed in 70 minutes. Out of these 52 questions, only 13 are independent questions and the remaining 39 are passage-based questions. There are around 7 passages in the section which, in-turn, have 4-7 questions each.

How to Improve Your Skills

The questions in this section test a candidate's knowledge in the field of physics and general chemistry. Rigorous practice on your part is quite essential to score high in this section!

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