TEAS Test Fee

Costs Involved in taking TEAS

The desire to become a successful healthcare professional is slowly gaining importance among today’s youth. If you are one such candidate, who wants to become a nurse in future, then you must prepare yourself for the TEAS examination. When you begin your TEAS preparation, the thing that you must consider is not only theTEAS fees, but also the investment that you need to make, as per your test preparation. To help you understand the nuances of the fees, the various features of it have been explained in the following sections of this article.Primary Expenses for the TEAS ExaminationOne cannot say that the TEAS examination is expensive, but then again, it is not possible to categorize it as an inexpensive examination, as well. Hence, this decision is better left to the candidate! However, the primary payments are as follows:

  • Cost of taking the test: There is no fixed price for taking the TEAS test. The registration fees change depending upon the testing centers. In other words, the TEAS registration fees are fixed by the authorities of the testing centers. However, if you visit the ATI official website, which is:https://www.atitesting.com/solutions/prenursingschool/teas.aspx, and go through some of the fees charged by the TEAS testing centers in your area, you will see that on an average the fees is not less than $50. The base fees increase depending on the testing locations. Another thing you must know is that the entire fees must be paid during the registration process itself.
  • Cost of retaking the test: If you are retaking the test then you can ask for the fees to be reduced. However, the decision of granting a reduction depends on the authorities of the particular testing location. Moreover, most institutes do not allow candidates to retake the test in the same cycle and based on that rule the fees may also differ. Hence, after you have chosen your test date, check the fees with the authorities of the institute holding the TEAS examination.
  • Cost of special facilities: Candidates taking the TEAS often require accommodation facilities. Though most testing centers are equipped to provide this facility, yet, before you register, it is best to ensure that the testing center that you have chosen provides such facilities or not . Sometimes, the testing centers charge candidates some extra amount of money for the accommodation facilities and if you take them then your fees may increase accordingly, depending on the testing center of your choice.
  • Cost of disability services: The test centers usually have provisions for disability support as well. However, the institutes holding the TEAS may charge a nominal amount for providing these services. Thus, if you need any such special facility, you should enquire with the testing center that you have chosen and check if they will charge you for it or not.

The above-mentioned list provides certain basic pointers regarding the cost of TEAS. However, there are costs involved in preparing for the TEAS as well. They do not form a part of the TEAS registration fees, but they can be considered to be ‘additional TEAS costs’.Other Expenses Involved in Preparing for the TEAS ExaminationThere are a number of methods of preparing for the TEAS test. If you are considering enrolling in a TEAS preparatory course, then you must find out the cost and the facilities offered by the particular course and then sign up for it. Depending on the course price, your cost for preparing for the TEAS will increase. If you are considering preparing on your own for the test, you will have to purchase good TEAS study guides. Based on the price of the books, your cost of taking the TEAS examination will increase. Hence, before you embark on preparing for the TEAS, you should understand and analyze all the costs involved in it and then start preparing for the examination.