TEAS Test Scores

How is TEAS Scored?

Taking the TEAS?Are you going to take the TEAS test in the near future? In such a case, you have to make sure that you try to find as much information as you can about this test so that you can study for the exam in the most effective manner. You will not be able to obtain a good score if you are not willing to spend some time studying for the test. At the time of preparation, you have to find out about thescores so that it will be easier for you to prepare for the examination. There are four subject areas that will be tested in the exam and these are Language Usage, Science, Mathematics and Reading. You have to make sure that you score high in each of these sections so that you will have higher chances of getting enrolled into the nursing course of your preference.You will have to work on 170 questions and each of these will be in the form of multiple-choice questions. You have to complete all the questions in 209 minutes because this is the time limit that you will be given. You will find that there are four answer options for each of the questions and you need to be very sure when you are choosing the answer. Think twice before you make your choice. Once you have registered for the test, you need to work hard because the more time you spend in preparation the better it will be for you. If you could not get a high score in the first attempt, you can consider opting for a retest. It is possible for you to take the exam two to three times. On the other hand, there are some colleges that may not permit you to opt for a retest.Scoring in TEASYou will have to agree that scoring is an important part of every examination because it will help in determining how well you have performed in a test. When you are looking for information on TEAS, you also need to find out how thescores are calculated in the exam.

  • Separate scores for each section: Each of the section of TEAS is scored separately. You will have to obtain high scores in these sections because they will help you get admission in the nursing school of your choice.
  • Composite scores: You will find that composite scores are calculated for the TEAS exam. The higher you score in all the sections, the higher will be your composite score.
  • Score report: It is possible for you to obtain the score report as soon as you finish the test if you choose the computer-based version of the exam. On the other hand, if you take the pen and paper version of TEAS, you will have to wait for some time to get your result.
  • No passing score: An important feature of this test is that you will not find a passing score here. You can neither pass or fail the test no matter how high or low you score On the other hand, you need to find out what the minimum score requirement of the nursing course that you want to apply to is, so that you can obtain a score that is equal to or more than that.

Uses of TEAS ScoreThe most important reason why the TEAS results are important because they will help in determining whether you have the relevant skills to succeed in the nursing program of your choice or not. If you do not have the skills, then you will not be able to get a high score in the exam. In such a situation, you can consider pursing another course that will be suitable for you. The validity of the score report will also be determined by various schools. If you want to get admission into a particular nursing school, the most important thing you will have to concentrate on will be your scores in TEAS.