TEAS Reading

Importance of TEAS Reading

The Reading section of the TEAS will evaluate your ability to critically analyze a given situation. These are essential skills that all successful nurses must have. The comprehension questions that you will solve on ExamFocus.com are formulated on the lines similar to those you will come across in the TEAS.

Here, you will come across questions that will ask you to identify the primary theme of the passages or ask you to draw inferences based on the information given in the passages and many other different types of questions. Why don't you solve some practice questions and gain an insight into the Reading section?

Nature of the Comprehension Passages

The comprehension passages that you will have to study for TEAS Reading are usually excerpts from books, newspaper articles etc. Some of the passages may even deal with current affairs and latest developments in the field of medicine. Remember to read the passages carefully, because all the information that you require to answer the questions will be given in the passages themselves. Solve some practice questions right away and understand the nature of the passages in TEAS Reading.