TEAS Science

TEAS Science - Explained!

Like the other sections of the examination, Science also consists of multiple-choice questions. These questions will cover topics from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. If you want to gain firsthand knowledge of the type of questions that you will have to solve in the Science section of TEAS; then start solving some practice questions immediately.

At ExamFocus.com, we endeavor to provide you with a myriad of practice questions covering all branches of science. Since TEAS is a nursing school entrance examination, it is only natural that you will come across more questions on Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, in comparison to questions on other branches of Science. The practice tests available on ExamFocus.com have been developed taking this point into consideration. So, solve some practice tests right now and learn more about TEAS Science.

More about TEAS Science

In the Science section, you will have to solve 30 questions in 38 minutes. Thus, it is essential that you increase your efficiency, so as to solve all the questions within the allotted time. We can help you do so, but for that you must solve all the practice questions available on our website. So, do not procrastinate and start solving some practice questions straightaway!