TOEFL - Listening

How to Ace TOEFL Listening

The TOEFL Listening section is designed to analyze your capacity to understand instructions given in English. At, we will provide you with a number of sample listening materials that will help you understand English in the spoken form. Moreover, the listening practice tests available on our website will cover different types of topics (like classroom lectures, common conversations etc.), so that you are able to handle any type of listening material that you hear during the actual test.

What is TOEFL Listening?

If you are intent on joining a college in the USA, then you have to prove your prowess in being able to understand instructions in English. The TOEFL Listening Test tests exactly that! At, we will provide you with listening materials like

  • classroom lectures
  • conversations commonly heard within college campus
  • classroom discussions

In order to prepare you for all types of listening materials and hone your ear for detail, the questions that you will have to solve will be from within the details provided in the given listening materials. Feeling confused? Well, start solving some practice tests straightaway and all your concerns will be removed!