TOFEL - Speaking

Importance of TOEFL Speaking

It is essential that you are able to express yourself articulately in English, if you are seeking admission in colleges of the USA or any other English speaking nation. The TOEFL Speaking section evaluates this particular ability through...

  • 2 independent speaking tasks
  • 4 integrated speaking tasks

At we help you ace this section of the TOEFL, by providing you with a multitude of practice tests. These practice tests will do justice to both types of tasks, by ensuring that you get to solve a large number of independent as well as integrated TOEFL Speaking tasks. So let's start solving some practice tests now!

TOEFL Speaking Section Explained!

The TOEFL Speaking section will require you to use your reading, listening and speaking faculties! The independent speaking tasks comprise topics that you have to read and then speak on. For the integrated speaking tasks, you will have to speak on the topics that you have studied for TOEFL Reading and heard for TOEFL Listening. Feeling confused? Well, solve some practice tests and understand this section of the test better.