TOEFL Sample Essay - 10

The hand-written letter is losing its importance, especially in the case of youngsters.

Thanks to the Internet, mobile phones and other forms of communication, the youth of today have become more aware of their surroundings. However, as an outcome of this improved method of communication, youngsters nowadays have almost forgotten how to write letters.

Other than being taught in school or as a part of their curriculum, children have no need to write letters. They write letters only if it is a part of their home work or during a test. Children nowadays have no notion that writing letters was once, the only and the most-preferred form, of communication. To them the beauty of receiving a letter, lovingly written by hand, has no importance. This nonchalant behavior of youngsters is not because they lack emotions, but because they are not acquainted with this form of communication. They are being brought up in an environment, where speed is very important. In such a situation the older version of communication appears to be very slow.

To them a letter first needs to be written, then stamped and finally posted. After that, the letter reaches the Post Office of the particular area, from where it is sent to the receiver. This entire process takes time. The youth of today would argue that instead of taking such a convoluted path, why not send an e-mail!

Nevertheless, there is a certain beauty in receiving a hand-written letter. It is said that there are more emotions involved in writing a letter by hand than sending an e-mail. You think of the person whom you want to send the letter to, while penning it. For the 'old-fashioned', the e-mail is just a mere form of communication with no emotions involved. It is sad, but true that with advancement in methods of communication, writing letters is becoming a lost art.