TOEFL Test Fee

How Much do you Pay for TOEFL and Why?

Before one even begins to prepare for any examination, the first thought that crosses a candidate’s mind is – how expensive is the test? Hence, if you are planning to take the TOEFL, then the first thought in your mind will be regarding TOEFL fees . The TOEFL is an examination that facilitates your admission in the colleges of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, because it is an international examination, the cost will be in American dollars. Thus, it becomes all the more important to understand the costs involved! To help you understand the cost of TOEFL, the following sections of this article discuss the various features of TOEFL fees, at length.Basic Cost of TOEFLThe first step to understanding the cost of TOEFL would be to know the basic fees of the examination. The minimum charge for the test is $165. This is the TOEFL registration fees for the iBT version of the examination. Although, this is the basic cost, yet it might differ slightly based on the country, from where you are taking the test. For example, if you are taking the test from Belgium, then your basic fees will increase from $165 to $240. If you need more information on the exact TOEFL registration fees that you will have to pay, then click on the following link: you are taking the PBT version of the examination, then your basic TOEFL cost will be $160. The registration fees, for both the versions of the examination, include facilities like, sending your score to 4 colleges directly and certain amount of discount on the TOEFL Value Packs. However, candidates often require some extra facilities. The amount that you have to pay, if you avail any extra facilities provided by ETS, have been discussed in the following section of this article.Charges for Extra ServicesFor the benefit of students, ETS provides a number of facilities. Since these facilities are not always required, you will have to pay some extra amount of money for them, along with the basiccost. The prices for some of these facilities are as follows:

  • Although, you should register for the test long before the last date, yet you can do a late registration, by paying an extra $35.
  • Due to certain reasons, if you need to reschedule the test, you can do so by paying $60.
  • Sometimes candidates feel that their previous TOEFL was better. You can then ask ETS to restore your old TOEFL scores, by paying $20.
  • Candidates often want to send their scores to more number of institutes, than the number stipulated by ETS. If you need to do so, then ETS will charge you an extra $18, for each score card that you order.
  • Sometimes candidates are not satisfied with their scores and want their papers to be re-scored. In such a case, ETS will charge an extra $80, if you want the Speaking or the Writing section rescored. If you want both the sections to be re-scored then you will have to pay $160.

As it is evident from the above-mentioned list, the cost for each facility is high. Hence, before you avail any extra facilities, ensure that you definitely require them.Modes of PaymentETS allows you to pay your TOEFL fees in a number of ways. You can pay with the help of a valid credit or debit card, or a check, or even with registration vouchers that you have bought. However, the mode of payment depends entirely on you and the method that you are most comfortable with. So, go through the cost of the examination well and make the payment according to your requirements.