TOEFL Test Dates

How do TOEFL Dates Affect your Performance?

Most of the international examinations are held a number of times in a year. This is done to ensure that no deserving candidate is denied an opportunity to prove his or her worth, in the particular test. Keeping this in mind, the ETS holds the TOEFL nearly 30 to 40 times in a year. However, this cornucopia of test dates might also become a problem while selecting suitable test dates. Thus, the following sections of this article are designed, to alleviate any such problems, which might arise regarding selection of dates for taking TOEFL.Take the Test Only After Proper PreparationThe TOEFL is an examination that analyzes your abilities in being able to read, write, and understand instructions in the English language. If you are a student, who does not reside in an English speaking nation, but want to pursue higher studies in the colleges of the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, then you have to take the TOEFL to prove your competence in English. Thus, the TOEFL score is an essential part of your admissions portfolio. However, this score alone cannot guarantee you admission into colleges.In spite of that, your TOEFL score is important and hence, selecting proper  dates is essential. Thus you must take the test only when you are sure that you will score well in the examination. In other words, select dates for testing only after you have prepared well for the examination. Since, it is primarily an English language test; you can easily ace it with hard work and diligence.Choosing a Date Depends Upon the Test FormatThe primary reason that the TOEFL is held; is to ensure that deserving students, irrespective of which part of the world they come from, get an opportunity to study in the foremost colleges. Thus, the TOEFL is held in both the iBT and PBT formats. The iBT or the Internet Based TOEFL is held nearly 30 to 40 times in a year. There are thousands of test centers all over the world that hold TOEFL iBT. If you are taking the iBT version of the examination then you can select a suitable test date from nearly 40. If you require more information on TOEFL dates and test centers then click on the following link: PBT or the Paper Based TOEFL is held only 6 times in a year. Moreover, it is only held in those parts of the world where the iBT version cannot be held. Thus, if you reside in any such place, ensure that you choose a date after careful consideration, because you do not have a large number of options to choose from. If you want to know about the available TOEFL PBT dates and test centers, then click on the following link: Factors to be Taken into AccountSelection of test dates must also be done keeping in mind, the admissions deadlines of the colleges that you want to apply to. For example, if you want to join college in spring, then you must take the TOEFL not later, than early November, of the previous year. This will provide sufficient buffer time for you to take the test, and the scores to reach the respective colleges.Another thing to be taken into account is the other college entrance tests that you will be taking. It is better that you take the TOEFL after you have received the score for the entrance tests. Take the TOEFL only if you have scored well in the other examinations, and are sure that your admissions applications will be considered favorably. The TOEFL is an expensive examination. So, you should select test dates after careful consideration, and only when you are sure that taking the test will be worthwhile.