TOEFL Prep Books

How to Select a TOEFL Book

Before you prepare for any examination, you must have a selection of preparatory books that will guide you, throughout your preparation. The TOEFL is no exception to this rule and hence, if you are a candidate preparing for the TOEFL; then you must have a good collection ofbooks. However, this might become a complicated task, because there are a number of TOEFL preparatory books available in the market and each insists that it is better than the other! Thus, the features to be considered while purchasingTOEFL books have been discussed, in the following sections of this article.Choosing TOEFL Preparatory BooksSelecting books becomes easier, if you have an idea of your requirements. For example, if you require books that will help you prepare for the entire examination, then you should purchase guide books that cover all sections of the test. However, if you require TOEFL books that provide more attention to particular sections of the test, then you could purchase, section specific guide books or only practice questions.Another thing to keep in mind while purchasing  books for TOEFL is to check out whether or not they have all the recent changes that have been made to the TOEFL. Check the edition of the books, before you purchase them. If they are recent editions then you can be assured that the particular preparatory books have all the recent changes that have been incorporated in the TOEFL. Moreover, it also proves that the books are very much in demand, because the publishers had to bring out new editions to meet the growing requirement.Once you have understood your requirements, you should consider purchasing the books. To help you with this, some of the characteristics of the better known guides available in the market, have been discussed in the following section of this article.Official TOEFL Preparatory BooksThe ETS, keeping in mind the requirements of the students, publishes a TOEFL preparatory book. The name of the book is Official Guide to the TOEFL Test. Since, it is a book published by ETS itself, there cannot be any doubt about the authenticity of the book. Other than that the book has many other features, which are as follows:

  • It consists of 3 full length TOEFL tests. These tests simulate the type of questions, as well as, the test taking conditions (provided you follow the time limit allotted by ETS, while solving the question papers) that you will come across in the examination.
  • Other than these, there are nearly 600 questions that have already appeared in the previous versions of the examination.
  • It also comes with a set of tips, which if you follow, will help you increase your efficiency level.

Thus, if you want a complete guide with a large number of practice questions then you can consider purchasing this book. If you want to do so then click on the following link: Guide BooksThere are a number of other TOEFL preparatory books, published by renowned writers, available in the market. Some of them are as follows:

This article here presents an in-depth analysis of the books that are available for TOEFL preparation, so go through the features of these books, and then make an informed choice.