To become a successful military person, the first requirement that you must fulfill, is to achieve high scores in the ASVAB. At, we are dedicated to help you achieve this dream. In order to excel in the ASVAB, all that you need to do is solve the practice questions available on our website.The ideal way of gaining firsthand experience of the types of questions that you will face in the examination is by solving some practice questions. The practice questions available on our website have been formulated taking into account the objective and nature of the ASVAB. If you want to understand the time constraints that you are likely to face (for the computerized version of the examination) then study the following table:

Name of the Sub-test Number of Questions Time Allotted
General Science (GS) 16 8 minutes
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 16 39 minutes
Word Knowledge (WK) 16 8 minutes
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 11 22 minutes
Mathematic Knowledge (MK) 16 20 minutes
Electronic Information (EI) 16 8 minutes
Auto Information (AI) 11 7 minutes
Shop Information (SI) 11 6 minutes
Mechanical Comprehension (MC) 16 20 minutes
Assembling Objects (AO) 16 16 minutes

Now all you need to do is to understand the examination, by solving the practice tests available on

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