ASVAB - Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

This subtest can be found both in the computer-based version of the exam and also the pen and paper version. In the computerized version, you will find 16 questions and in the other version you will find 25 questions.

In the pen and paper version, you will have 24 minutes to complete the questions and in the computer-based version, the total time given to you will be 20 minutes.

Question Modeling & Syllabi Brief

The following are the concepts from which you shall have to face questions in this sub-test:

  • The questions will be of multiple-choice type. You will be given four answer options for every question, from where you will need to select the right answer.
  • The questions that you will find in this section will assess your knowledge of mathematical concepts and applications.

How to Improve Your Skills

Irrespective of how much you dislike Mathematics or if you feel that you are weak in this subject, you can still obtain a good score in the Mathematics Knowledge (MK) section. You just need to prepare yourself effectively and you need to be persistent when you are studying. If you give up after a few days, you will not be able to get the result that you are seeking. Be determined and have confidence in yourself.

ExamFocus brings to you hundreds of Mathematics Knowledge (MK) practice questions that are designed to cover all the topics concerning ASVAB to help you increase your skills. On clicking the following five links, you shall go to the page that offers hundreds of sample questions for your practice.