GED Exam Overview

Test Information that You Cannot do Without

The primary objective of the GED is to analyze your English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematical skills, which will help you get admission in the college of your choice. The examination results are also accepted by government and civic bodies, if you are seeking a job or looking for a promotion in a particular organization. However, before you start preparing for the examination, you should have sufficient amount of test information, so that your preparation process becomes simpler. To help you understand the examination better, some features of the examination have been discussed in the following section of the article.Know your GEDThe test is often taken by candidates who could not complete their high school, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Nevertheless, its score is accepted by all major colleges of the United States of America. Some crucialGED  information is as follows:

  • The  examination will test your skills in a variety of subjects to examine the knowledge that you have gathered in school. The different sections of the test are as follows:
    • Reading
    • Writing (Part I and Part II)
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
  • Each section of the examination will cover most of the topics that students learn in school. For example, in the Writing section you will have to answer questions, divided into two subparts. In the first part, you will have to correct sentences, which will help you understand your grammatical skills. In the second part, you will have to write an essay, which will test your analytical and critical skills. Similarly, the other sections of the examination are also designed to help you understand the knowledge that you have gathered in high school.
  • Yet another essential piece of  information is regarding the format of the examination. The examination is not held online. It is carried out in the traditional pen and paper method. You must ensure well in advance that the institute offering the GED diploma holds the examination in the traditional process.
  • There is no upper limit regarding the number of times you can retake the examination. However, it is preferable that you clear the test in the first attempt itself. In order to do so, you will need to prepare well for the test. Although, you will already have sufficient knowledge about the topics on which you will be tested, yet it is better that you practice well, so that you can ace the examination. You could consider enrolling in a preparatory course or even hire a tutor. Nevertheless, ensure that the preparatory method that you choose, meets most of your requirements.

To help you further in understanding the examination, certain other details about it have been discussed in the following section of the article.How to Take the Examination?Selecting suitable test dates and testing centers for the GED are as essential as preparing for the test itself. To help you do so certain pointers about the registration process have been discussed below:

  • Collecting your test information is incomplete if you do not know the test centers that hold the examination. There will be certified GED test centers in your area, however if you are unable to access any of them, then you should get in touch with your local community college. Authorities of your community college will be able to guide you regarding the test centers.
  • Your test information is incomplete without knowledge of application process for the examination. The application fees differ from state to state and are decided by the authorities of the particular test center. Usually, you can download the application form otherwise you can purchase them from your local test center or local community college.

An important point that you should always remember while registering for the test, is to choose a date that is most comfortable for you.Link to Help You Understand the Examination BetterThe sections given above outlines certain basic details; however, you will get all the information that you need if you visit the official GED website, which is as follows: knowledge regarding the examination is the first step towards successful  preparation. The idea that the GED will test your high school knowledge should not make you lackadaisical about the examination. Only with proper practice will you be able to ace the examination. So start preparing for the test as early as possible and clear the test with flying colors!