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The GED examination is a boon for candidates who could not complete their high-school education, due to reasons personal or otherwise. Here, at ExamFocus, we endeavor to bring you a step closer to realizing your dreams, by helping you achieve high scores in the GED test. All you have to do to is, diligently solve all the practice questions available on you solve the practice questions, you will develop an insight into the nature of the examination. Other than that, our GED test information articles also provide in-depth analysis of the various aspects of the test. Check the table below to understand what you need to study for the GED…

Name of the Section Number of Questions Time Allotted
Social Studies 50 70 minutes
Science 50 80 minutes
Language Arts – Reading 40 65 minutes
Language Arts – Writing Part I 50 75 minutes
Language Arts – Writing Part II 1 essay 45 minutes
Mathematics 50 90 minutes

The above-mentioned list only outlines the topics that you have to study for GED. If you want to understand the examination better then start solving some practice questions…

Preparing for GED

Proper preparation is essential to ensure that you achieve high scores in the GED examination. At ExamFocus, we will make the preparation process simpler, by providing a multitude of practice problems within a single website – As you continue solving the practice problems and study the sample questions, your confidence will increase. This consequently will ensure that you are able to take the test competently. So start taking the practice tests straightaway!

GED Practice Tests

Social Studies


Language Arts Reading

Language Arts Writing