GED Test Dates

When Can You Take the GED?

The GED examination is held by the American Council on Education, in collaboration with Pearson, to help candidates who could not complete their education, pursue a successful college career. It also helps the applications of prospective candidates; seeking employment in civic, government, as well as, private organizations, receive due consideration. Thus, taking the GED examination and faring well in it is your ticket to success! Nevertheless, in order to do so, you must select your test dates carefully. Although, there is no upper limit regarding the number of times you can take the test, yet it is better that you ace it in the first attempt itself.Like any other examination, GED too requires thorough preparation. It is possible that you will already have knowledge of the topics on which you will be tested, since, GED analyzes the knowledge that you have gathered in high school. However, this should not make you feel so comfortable that you do not prepare seriously for the examination. The test requires a lot of hard work and practice. The dates that you select must be such that you are able to ensure that you are sufficiently well prepared for it. Some points that you should take into account while selecting dates have been discussed in the following sections of the article.Understanding GED Test Dates

  • You should take the examination only after have prepared well for it. Students often feel that since, only their high school knowledge will be tested in this exam; they can ace it without preparing for it. However, you should not suffer from the same misconception! GED requires thorough preparation and practice. You will have to work hard in order to fare well in the test. Hence, before you select the dates, ensure that you have devoted sufficient time to the test preparation.
  • If you are not preparing for the examination on your own and have enrolled in a preparatory course; then consult your teacher about the most suitable test dates. They will be able to evaluate your performance and provide an insight into the time you need to be thoroughly prepared for the test. Based, on that you can select the dates.
  • If you have hired a tutor to help you prepare for the examination, then before selecting a test date, consult your tutor. He/she will be able to guide you with your test date selection. Since, you tutor will understand your preparation level, he/she will know by what time you will be prepared for the examination. Based on the advice of your tutor, you can select your test date.

The above-mentioned list will help you select the best test date. However, choosing a testing center is equally important.Test Dates Corresponding to Test CentersThe GED is held in a number of testing centers. Some of them will definitely be in your locality. Hence, while selecting your dates, ensure that the local testing centers hold the test on the dates that you have selected. Usually testing centers have fixed test dates. However, some centers allow the candidates to choose the dates that are suitable for them. So enquire with your local test centers before you select suitabledays and dates.Link to Help You Select a Test CenterChecking online is the best way to find out, whether a local testing center holds the examination on the date of your choice or not. If you want to locate your nearest GED test center then check out the following link: If you enter the zip code on this website, then you will be provided with a list of testing centers. You can select the ones that are most convenient to you and then finalize your GED test dates accordingly.Once you have finalized the dates, the next step would be to register for the examination. GED registration forms are distributed from the testing centers. After you have selected the test dates and registered for it, all you need to do is prepare well for the examination, since preparation is the sole ingredient for a worthwhile examination.