GED Test Fees

How Much Do You Pay for GED?

The GED is administered by the American Council on Education (ACE). The test is administered by the Pearson VUE through USA and Canada in two different modes. The GED can be taken in the pencil and paper format or one can take the test in the computer format. However, the computer based  test is administered in only 18 states of USA. You can confirm about the mode of test offered in your locality by checking on the official GED website.Fees for GEDThe fees that you must pay in order to take the test depend upon lot of factors. Actually, ACE does not monitor the test administration through the nation hands-on. Hence, it has divided the testing areas into different jurisdictions and appointed supervision authorities in order to make the testing process hassle-free. Hence, the testing centers have some rights over the test aspects such as cost and preparation fees etc. Apparently, the fees are not constant throughout the nation. The amount varies depending upon where you intend to take the test. So, it is quintessential that you consider the fee as an important factor before you take the test.The General Fee PolicySince this test is not intended to be administered as a commercial test, the charge is normally low compared to the other competitive examinations like GRE or GMAT or SAT. However, based upon the region in which you are taking the test, the  fees might be highly variable. While some institutions offer the GED  completely free of charge, there are institutions that charge anywhere between US $7 to US $150. Normally, California is the place where the fees are the highest.There are certain other forms of relaxations for the GED fees. Few states in the USA offer the test completely free of cost if you could pass the practice test. Likewise, some states offer the test completely free of cost only to veterans and students who fall below the age group of 21.How Do You Pay for the GED?It might be clear that if you intend to take the GED, then you will have to pay the fees respective to the region. So, you have to first choose the testing center in which you wish to take the test. You can locate a test center by visiting the official test webpage ( Here, on this page, all you have to do is enter the ZIP code of the region to which you belong in the blank space provided. You will then be directed to a page where you can view the entire list of available testing centers within the testing jurisdiction that you have requested.After zeroing on the testing centers, it is advised that you call the respective testing center to find out about the details pertaining to the available test timings, vacancy, precise address details and of course, the fees for testing. They will guide you correctly. Then, you can visit the testing center in which you intend to take the test and pay the stated fee amount in order to register yourself for the test.In addition, there are certain other important points that you must keep in your mind.

  • You can possibly take the test only once if you have paid the fees only once. The testing centers usually charge separately for a test retake.
  • Moreover, you can even ask the authorities for a possible training course, free or paid.
  • Taking the test with full preparedness is always advised and hence you should prepare well for this test. There might be institutes offering test prep free of cost.
  • There are many websites and online GED prep resources that offer completely free prep support.

Make a good use of every such resource to excel in the examination. Commitment is the most important aspect for anyone to excel in the GED examination. You should work hard and should be very smart in order to score well,