GED Test Centers

Where Can You Take the GED?

GED is an American or Canadian high school equivalence test, passing which one can obtain a credential that certifies you as possessing skills equivalent to that of a high school graduating student. This examination is administered by the American Council on Education (ACE) for people of any age. The ACE administers the test through different jurisdictions in the whole of North America. Furthermore, the ACE in coordination with Prometric Testing Service administers the test worldwide in select testing locations. The very first important step towards taking the GED is selecting the appropriate test center because GED is administered through various locations, which again depends upon the decisions of the local testing jurisdictions.GED Test CentersEach state of USA is given a jurisdiction in conducting the GED. Moreover, there are certain other GED testing jurisdictions that might not be necessarily included into states, like the Military bases or Federal prisons. Each jurisdiction will be appointed with a testing administrator. This jurisdiction is responsible for making the norms pertaining to the GED fees or passing requirements in order to be able to award credentials to the students. EachGED center under any particular jurisdiction will be listed ( on the official website of the GED and can be contacted on the phone before you zero in on them. Therefore, first, you will have to procure thetest center list that tells about the centers that administer the test in your locality.Selecting the Testing Mode and Test CenterGED is being administered in two different formats, one, the computer-based testing format, and the other is the pencil and paper based test format. However, the computer-based testing format is not available everywhere. Only 18 states of USA offer the computer-based testing format. The test takers who can avail the computer-based testing format can register online. Thus, you should first find out which format of testing is available in your locale and then register for the test. The people who cannot take an online test shall have to register for the test by contacting the local test centers that administer the GED.Selecting a center is made quite easy for all the test takers by the official GED Testing Service. All you have to do is visit the official GED testing service’s website ( in order to find a test center that administers the test in your locale. On this page, you will find a blank that needs to be supplied with your ZIP code. Entering the ZIP code in the right place, you will be directed to a page which contains the  list specific to your locality. By thoroughly weighing all the options, you should then zero in on one or two test centers that are closest and comfortable to you.Where Should You Take the GED?After choosing from among the list of centers, you should then contact each of the test centers by phone in order to speak to the concerned authorities regarding the available timings of the respective test center, precise location of the testing center, fee particulars etc. Normally, the test is administered in community colleges. Therefore, it is likely that you may also find a prep course being offered in the test center that you have selected. In light of these facts, it is advised that you request for such facilitations concerning your preparation. You can even visit the official website of the GED test center in which you wish to take the test. Normally, on the websites, they list out all the rules and regulations to be followed through the process of testing.While going through all these formalities, choose an appropriate testing date to take the test and then prepare for the test well in advance.

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