IELTS General Training – Reading

IELTS – General Training – Reading

The IELTS General Training Reading test section has forty questions based on passages which are divided into multiple-choice questions, confirming claims questions, identifying information questions, matching headings questions, matching information questions and many other varieties.

Question Modeling & Structure

The Reading – General Training test is divided into three sections.

  • The first section has two or three short texts. Each text could be a collection of six to eight even shorter texts, such as advertisements, related by topic, such as advertisements for holiday inns. The topics are of general interest.
  • The second section has two factual texts pertaining to information relating to work-related issues.
  • The last section will have only one long text which will be on any general topic.

How to Improve Your Skills

A candidate’s reading skills are tested in this section. Since we have different reading tests in the two modules, the General Training Reading test aims to check a candidate???s reading skills in a more general context than in the Academic module, which is a sort of precursor to checking whether the candidate will be able to follow academic course books.

  • Rigorous reading habit helps you come across various kinds of passages and texts that will help you be prepared for this test. Practicing questions is more necessary since you are required to answer questions based on passages.

ExamFocus brings to you hundreds of General Training Reading practice questions that are designed to cover a wide range of topics to help you increase your reading skills throughout. Clicking the following five links, you shall go to the page that offers hundreds of sample questions for your practice.