IELTS General Training Writing

The General Training Writing test has two questions or tasks that are to be completed within 60 minutes. This section is scored on a scale and assigned a band from 1 to 9. The purpose of the Writing section is to check if the candidate is able to carry out written correspondence in the English language.

Question Modeling & Structure

  • The first task is letter writing. The question may ask you to write an informal, formal or a semi-formal letter in response to a given situation in 150 words.
  • The second task is an essay question where you are asked to respond to a given opinion, problem or argument.
  • Essay topics are of general interest and candidates shouldn’t have a problem writing a 250-word (minimum) essay on it.

How to Improve Your Skills

The skills tested in this section deal with measuring the level of expertise candidates have regarding written English.

  • Task achievement, Cohesion and coherence, Lexical Resources and Grammatical Accuracy are the three core skills that you must acquire to do well in this section.
  • You should focus on improving your assessment skills and presenting your take on any particular situation.

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